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Snap(VBBF018) was born on September 15, 2008 in the Baobab Mob. Her mother was Cruise and her father was most likely Al Pacino the dominant male at the time. Her litter-mates were her two sisters Pop(VBBF020) and Coco(VBBF021) and two brothers named Crackle(VBBM019) and Toni(VBBM022). Their mother was the dominant female however Cruise lost her status to her sister Hawkeye after the pups were born. With Hawkeye as the new dominant female, she could have killed the pups but she allowed them to live. Snap and her four litter-mates made it to their first birthday and started helping out around the mob. Snap's two brothers started to rove while Snap and her two sisters were evicted by Hawkeye in November 2009 along with Cruise and a few other females. In December the group splinter away and were joined by Baobab male Al Catraz.


The splinter group was track and called the Urukhai Mob. The new group was made up of nine Baobab, most female. Cruise and Al Catraz became the dominant pair. Snap was pregnant, which was why she was evicted. However she was not the olny pregnant female. Her two sisters She-Ra and Pop were also pregnant as well as their cousins/half sisters Honey and Porcelain. Cruise later became pregnant after mating with Al Catraz. The only females that were not pregnant were Coco and Kiango. The group encounter the Boabab and in Janaury 2010, all the meerkats rejoined the Baobab. The Urukhia was lost. Snap lost her litter along with the other females. Only Crusie gave birth to a surviving litter, she probably killed the other females' pups. Snap didn't stay in the Baobab for long. In 2010 there were a lot fo evictions in which most of the Boabab females disappeared. Snap was evicted in March 2010 along with Kiango, Claptastic, Snap and Coco. The females left the group and were Last Seen, there is a chance that they joined wild males, and formed a new mob, but is still unknown what happened to them.


Mother: Cruise.

Father: Probably Al Pacino. Sisters: Pop and Coco.

Brothers: Crackle and Toni.

Grandmothers: Flower and unknown.

Grandfathers: Zaphod and unknown.


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