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was born in the Whiskers in August 2011. His mother was Enili, the dominant female, and his father was an unknown rover, possibly one from the Sequoia.He was born with two litters-mates VWP172 and VWP173. They were Enili's first litter ever, and all three survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Sadly both VP172 and VWP173 were predated, leaving Snotbubble as the only survivor. When Snotbubble was just six months old his mother and another female named Treva The Renewer gave birth to four pups in May 2012. Snotbubble was no longer the yougest member of the Whiskers, however he could not help out much with the new pups. Soon it wasn't long before Snotbubble reached his first birthday. He didn't start to rove until he was year and a half old, in January 2013. Snotbubble remained in the Whiskers for two years before he was forced to leave when a group of new males joined the Whiskers. Snotbubble went roving in October and remained away from the mob, however he was seen frequently roving at other groups. In December 2013, he roving at Baobab several times, sometimes with an unknown male.


In January 2014, Snotbubble was seen in the company of unknown meerkats. The group was collared, most likely being Snotbubble, and called the Skyfish Mob. Dominance and the exact number of meerkats were unknown by the end of the month. Throughout much of the year, little was known about the group due to Snotbubble's frequent roving and the wildness of the other meerkats. In February 2015 tracking of the Skyfish ceased. However Snotubble has since been sighted many times at different groups. His most recent sighting was at the Lazuli in July 2015. He hasn't been seen since. It's assumed that he was eventually considered Last Seen.


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Skyfish Mob