Balboa and Sober Ana play fighting

Balboa and Sober Ana play fighting.

Sober Ana(VGGF041) was born on January 26, 2007, into a group called the Gattaca. Her mother was Risca. Her litter-mates were Balboa(VGGM040), Atlas(VGGM039), and Panama(VGGF042). Their father was Hannibal from the Vivian. He had joined the group after leaving the Balrog, along with five other Vivian males. He soon left the group after they were born, along with two Vivian males and a few Gattaca females. Sadly, both Sober Ana and her brother Balboa were lost as juveniles. Balboa disappeared in July 2007, and Sober Ana died in August 2007 along with the rest of the Gattaca from disease right after her mother Risca, the dominant female, who was nearly nine years old, died from predation in August 2007. Sober Ana was one of the female surivors of the outbreak and joined a wild group; the group was not followed and it is unknown what happened to them.


Mother: Risca 

Father: Hannibal

Sister: Panama

Brothers: Balboa and Atlas

Grandmothers: Brambles  and Rhian

Grandfathers:Argon and Jim Bob


Gattaca Mob

Balboa Gattaca