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Sol-Leks(VBBM051) was born in December 2009 in the Baobab Mob. Sol-Leks' mother was Hawkeye and his father was an unknown male. Sol-Leks had three litter-mates called Buck(VBBM050), Mum(VBBF053) and Spitz(VBBM052). Sadly in April 2010 his mother Hawkeye was hit by a car and died. Following this, Sol-Leks' aunt Cruise took over as dominant female. Sol-Leks' brother Spitz was also killed in April 2010. That same month, Sol-Leks was predated. Sol-Leks' surviving sister Mum lived on until she was separated from the Baobab and Last Seen in January 2011. Sol-Leks' last surviving litter-mate Buck remained the the Baobab and became a frequent rover.


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