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Soul Hudson(VLM148)

Soul Hudson

was born into the Lazuli Mob on November 11, 2008. His mother was Young and his father was believed to be Wollow. Soul Hudson was born in a large litter of five, his litter-mates were his sister Toppen(VLF145) and three brothers Kuhglocken(VLM146), Snowy(VLM147) and Franz(VLM149). All five pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging. Soul Hudson enjoy the easy life of a pup but it all came to an abrupt end when his mother got pregnant again only a month later. She soon gave birth to six pups. The Lazuli were a large mob so there was enough adults to look after all the pups. Soul Hudson and his sister and brothers survived through their first year. Soul Hudson soon started to take to roving with the older males. He helped out with the pups and taking guard duties. In February 2010, Wollow was overthrown by Rufus who became the new dominant male. Wollow started to roving with Soul Hudson. In May 2010 Wollow went roving with Soul Hudson and his brothers Kuhglocken and Snowy and where absent at the end of the month. However they soon returned the following month. Soul Hudson lived in the Lazuli fortwo years. He finally left the group while roving and disappared along with Chuck Norris. He was considered Last Seen by March 2011.


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