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Sparkle(VVF007) was born in the Vivian Mob on March 2, 1997. Her mother was Vivian and her father was a Drie Doring male they were the dominant pair. A couple of days after she born her father and her uncles died, leaving only her with her littermates and other brothers and sisters. Then, a male named Stinker came to the group and became the dominant male with her mother, Vivian. Her litter-mates were Splash(VVF009), Cascade(VVF005) and two other meerkats who died as pups, VVF006 and VVF008. The rest of the litter survived to adulthood. She stayed in the group, taking care of the pups and taking sentry duties as a subordinate female. When she was years old, Sparkle was evicted along with Imogen, Rosemary and Cascade.


They teamed up with two Young Ones males and formed the Nemesis Mob. The males were Durnik, VYM018(Durnik's litter-mate) and Morris. Male dominance was probably taken by Morris, because he was the oldest male in the mob. Female dominance may have been taken by Sparkle or Cascade who were the older and litter-mates. Not longer after the group was formed, wild males came and kicked out the Young Ones males. The Nemesis headed of the KMP(Kalahari Meerkat Project) and were no longer followed after that. Two years later, on June 27, 2001, Rosemary and Imogen were seen with two Balrog rovers. The rovers soon return to the Balrog mob, the two females tried to join the mob but were chased away and disappeared. They were last seen on first of July, 2001. Unlike Rosemary and Imogen, Sparkle never reappeared again. She was Last Seen on November 10, 1999.


Vivian Mob

Nemesis Mob