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Spatula Baobab

Spatula Baobab.jpg

Yes of the Acacia
Date of Birth
October 3, 2009
Date of Death
October 2013
Cause of Death
Disappeared, because the group it could not be traced.
Cruise and unknown rover
Known For
Roving Baobab Female
Also Known As
Second Dominant Female of the Acacia


Spatula(VBBF045) was born on October 3, 2009 in the Baobab. Her mother was Cruise and her father was an unknown rover, possibly one from the Moomins. Spatula was born with four litter-maes, two sisters named Nipplescratcher(VBBF046) and Spam(VBBF043) and one brother named Lanky Dave(VBBM044). Spatula and her sisters and brother survived. Her aunt the dominant female of the Baobab Hawkeye gave birth to four pups on September 19, 2009. Spatula and her litter-mates were no longer the youngest members of the group. There was a group split in late 2009 that formed the Urukhai Mob, Spatular remained in the Baobab whiel her mother and some of her cousins and sisters left the group. However in early 2010 the splinter group rejoined the Baobab. In April 2010 Spatula's mother Cruise became the dominant female again after Hawkeye's death. She started to evicted the oldest females in the group by late 2010. By then Spatula was a year old and started helping out with the pups. Spactula became pregnant in late 2011 however her mother was also pregnant and evicted her from the group. Her sisters Nipplescratcher and Spam left the Baobab with a large number of females in late 2010. Spatula managed to stay within the group along with her brother Lanky Dave. Cruise and Spatula gave birth Leon, Papsicol, Jay-B, Uter Pendragon, Matilda and Dexter Morgan. in September 2011. Within that same month she was evicted again. It is unknown who is the mother of the pups. Spatula managed to rejoin the group. In December sadly one of the pups Leon was predated. In March 2012, Spatula went roving making her the Baobab's first female rover. Spatula stayed in the Baobab a little longer, long enough to see her pups reach adulthood. She was evicted along with her older sister Herpasaurus, two younger sisters named Crunchy and Sherry and Last Seen in November 2012. However, she was not lost forever. 


Spatula was seen again in May 2013 along with her sisters and two wild males in a new mob called Acacia. Herpasaurus was the dominant female. They were seen in two encounters with Van Helsing. Spatula had taken a subordinate role under Herpasaurus who was seen acting as the dominant female. The group did not produce a litter and in July the group went missing. However the mob was relocated in August with Spatula acting as the new dominant female and two of the members of the original six were missing including Herpasaurus. In October 2013 the Acacia mob could not be tracked and habituation was suspended. Spatula and the remaining members of the group were considered Last Seen.


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