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Spike(VJXM001) was born in early 2008 in the JaXX Mob group. He was born with one litter-mate, this was his sister Millie(VJXF002). His mother was Papillon. He and his sister were actually the first litter born in the JaXX group during its formation. A Hoax male called Sid Vicious helped to form the group with his aunt Diana. A new group of two wild males named Vince and Monsoon Moon joined the group. Vince deposed Sid Vicious and took male dominance. Spike and Millie survived to adulthood and started helping work around the mob. Papillon was evicted but rejoined the group. Sid Vicious and Monsoon Moon left the JaXX to rove. Spike started roving at a year and a half of age. After a while in the JaXX , Spike, Vince and Boost became seperated and disappeared from the group. The males probably joined a wild group after becoming lost. Spike may still be alive to day.


Mother: Papillon

Father: Sid Vicious or another roving male

Sister: Millie


JaXX Mob

Millie JaXX

Papillon Lazuli