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Spofi Rascals

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Formally of the Rascals
Date of Birth
Date of Death
August 1, 2007
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Coati, Shnoobkat, Snowdnee, Blondie, Darg, Fool, Field ect..
Known For
Second Dominant Male of the Rascals
Also Known As
Yeca's Mate

Spofi(VRRM061) was a wild male First Seen on November 15, 2002. His date of birth, parents and littermates were unknown. In December 2003, Spofi joined the Rascals mob and took dominance alongside the 11-month-old dominant female named Yeca. The Rascals were a small mob who just lost their former dominant pair and fell low in numbers. Yeca quickly began to produce offspring, all of which were believed to have been fathered by Spofi. On February 18, 2004 Yeca gave birth to her first litter, VRRF76 and Coati. Later that year on November 13, 2004 she gave birth to Shnoobkat. It is unknown if there were any other pups in that litter. Gradually the Rascals started to regain their numbers due to Yeca and Spofi's successive breeding. In 2005 Yeca had three litters. Her first litter was born on April 5, which consisted of Skowdnee, Blondie, Darg, Fool and Field. All five pups survived their first few months and Yeca became pregnant agian. Spofi was most probably the father of the litter. On July 7, she gave birth to VRRP091, Jackson, Jammy B and Tooey, but sadly VRRP090 did not survived. The two did not have another litter for five months till December 14, when Yeca gave birth to Freya and Shelley. In 2006 Spofi was still by Yeca's side. Their first litter of the year arrived on March 13, 2006 when Yeca gave birth to Bob, Skanks, Sheenanigan and Helsbels. Over the next six month there were no surviving litter born in the Rascals untill September 18 when Yeca gave birth to two females named Skye and Islay. On February 8, 2007, Yeca gave birth to her last litter of pups; Nelly and VRRP105. The following month VRRP105 was sadly predated. Later in June, Nelly was also predated. Tragically, Spofi's partner Yeca died on July 1, 2007 leaving their daughter Blondie as the new dominant female. Shortly afterwards, Spofi left the group to rove and was considered Last Seen on August 1, 2007.


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