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was born on February 28, 2010 in the Toyota Mob. Her mother was Miss Lilly The Pink and her father was most likely Greegan, the dominant male of the Toyota at the time. She was born in a litter of five, her four litter-mates were her one sister Peanut(VTYF030) and her three brothers VTYM029, Scampi(VTYM028) and Disco Stu(VTYM032). All five pups survived their first few months and started foraging with the adults. Miss Lilly The Pink was the dominant female of the Toyota at the time so the pups were wel looked after. In December 2010, VTYM029 went missing and was considered Last Seen by February 2011 when he failed to reappear after two months. He was most likely predated since he was too young to have taken to roving. Squeaker and her remaiing litter-mates had made it to through their first year and became full adults. Squeaker's brothers started to rove while she and her sister remained in the mob. Sadly Greegen died of diseased and soon after Miss Lilly The Pink died, leaving Hoodwink and Paymister as the new dominant pair. In June 2011, a group of JaXX males joined the group while the males were out roving, including Scampi and Disco Stu. One of the male named Rococo established dominance however he was soon overthrown and his older brother Snickers became the new dominant male. Hoodwink died of TB, leaving Squeaker and her sister Peanut as the oldest females in the group. However the two did not try to take dominance and their younger sister Chimp ousted them from the dominant female position. Squeaker seemed fine with her subordinate role and did not challange her younger sister. In March 2012, Chimp and Peanut succumb to disease leaving Squeaker as the only adult female in the group. Stangley Squeaker did not take dominance right away and allowed the group to go without a dominant female for a few months. Soon however she was seen scent marking the dominant male Snickers but still did not take dominance till June. However by then Snickers, along with Twix and Ole all showed signs of TB and had to be put down, leaving Rococo as the only JaXX male left. Nabby, Squeaker's younger brother, also succumb to TB. Squeaker finally took an interest in dominance took the role of dominant female of the Toyota along with Rococo as the dominant male again however he disappeared in July. That same month a Drie Doring male named Fingal joined the group and became the dominant male. Sadly Squeaker's reign was short lived, in August she died from disease leaving Chimp's seven month old daughter Firefly as the new dominant female.



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