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Starsky Mob

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Date of Forming
August 2006
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
JD and Shoy
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Number of Members
Last Seen
April 2007
Last Known Member

The Starsky Mob was formed in August 2006 by four evicted Whiskers females (Mozart, Kinkajou, De La Soul, and Armanita Ditch), two Lazuli males (JD and Shoy), and one Young Ones male named Shady, whom had previously left the PQ group. Male dominance was immediately taken by the Lazuli male, JD. Female dominance was eventually taken up by Kinkaju. The group was sadly short-lived. JD was infected with TB and it quickly spread to the other members, including one of their only litters of pups. The group died off until only Mozart remained. She was joined by Drew, a Commandos roving male. But she was sadly predated in early 2007 and with her death the Starsky were lost.

Dominant Pair

When the Starsky came into existence, the dominant male position was taken by JD. The position of dominant female was fought over by half-sisters Mozart and Kinkaju. Mozart was the oldest female in the group, but Kinkaju gained dominance after killing Mozart's pups. The dominant pair were able to produce one litter. However, none of the pups ever emerged from the burrow. In November 2006, after JD's death, Shoy became the dominant male. After Kinkaju's death no females took dominance as only Mozart remained.

All Known Members

A list of all meerkats who joined or were born in the Starsky

Kinkaju (

Kinkaju as the dominant female


JD (VLM073)

Mozart (VWF053)

Armanita Ditch (VWF064)

Shoy (VLM099)

De La Soul (VWF068)

Shady (VYM134)




Last Known Members

The Starsky had 1 member in April 2007

Mozart (VWF053)


The Starsky lived in a small territory bordering the Whiskers and the Young Ones. Aside from those two groups the Starsky also encountered the Frisky. The Starsky were too small to defend themselves against the larger groups and always fled before proper battles could break out.

Meerkat Manor

The Starsky were featured in the third season of Meerkat ManorThey first appeared in the episode The Mission, after being discovered by MitchCarlos(JD) was shown to be the dominant male while the position of dominant female was fought over between Mozart and Kinkaju, but Kinkaju eventually won the position. The only other members mentioned included Shady and Whoopie(De La Soul). Carlos was said to have recieved an infected wound from a fight with Hannibal(Jim Bob), when in reality his wound was the result of TB. After the death of Carlos the Starsky were not mentioned until later in the season. When they reappeared they had dropped to only three members; Mozart, Kinkaju and Whoopie. By the end of the episode Three Degrees of Separation only Mozart was still alive. In the following episode The Graduate, she was joined by Wilson(Drew), who spent the night with her and tried to unite her with his own family group. Sadly, the pair were separated and Mozart was said to be predated by a jackal (when it reality it was a bird of prey), bringing an end to the Starsky.