Stop it(VTYF004) was born January 28, 2008 to the Toyota Mob. Her mother was either Finn or Miss Lilly, The Pink; her father was either Greegan, the dominant male, or an unknown rover. Stop it was born into a mixed litter that included three other pups Morgs(VTYF006), VTYP005 and VTYP007. All four survived their first month. Then, in March VTYP007 was killed and VTYP005 was killed in June. Finn was then deposed from dominance by Ju Drop Whiskers, her niece in July 2008. In August, Ju Drop gave birth to six pups however two were soon predated. Then Miss Lily The Pink took over dominance when Ju Drop disappeared in September while Finn left the group. Stop it and remaining sister Morgs survived to adulthood. The two females started to help out around the group. Stop it aborted her first litter in Janaury 2009. In April Stop it became pregnant again but aborted the litter again. In May Morgs disappared and was considered Last Seen. Stop it was then the oldest subordinate females in the Toyota. During Miss Lilly The Pink's next pregnancy, Stop it was evicted in August and was absent in September. Then in October, she was seen with Axel, Lutzputz and Prieska and a wild meerkat whose gender was unknown. The group started to be tracked, however in that same month the group was lost when the dominant male Axel died from TB and the rest of the members started to show sinces of disease. The two Lazuli males started to roving and the group was no longer followed. Stop it was considered Last Seen.


Toyota Mob