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Suggs(VWM109) was born on the September 02, 2006 in the Whiskers group. His parents were the dominant pair

Busta and Suggs as pups

at the time Flower and Zaphod. His litter-mates were his brother Busta(VWM111) and his sister Izzy (VWF110). They were Flower's tweleth litter ever. Flower only gave birth to one last litter after Suggs's litter. Suggs and his two siblings through their first few months. Sadly in Janaury 2007 both Flower and Izzy died. Suggs and his brother Busta however made it to a year of age. Suggs started roving with the other adult males. Suggs left the group with a Whiskers female named Tina Sparkle aproximately in May or June 2007.


Suggs and Tina Sparkle then joined a small group of wild meerkats and formed the Hoax Mob. The gorup consided of two Whiskers meerkats and four wild meerkats, one female named Mau Mau, and three males named Carravagio, Sid Vicious and Houdini. Mau Mau and Carravagio took dominance of the group of six. From July to August the group stayed together. No males left the group and no litter survived. By September 2007 Houdini and Suggs began to rove. Suggs left the group on September 30 and was not seen again. The Hoax was lost in late 2007 while Suggs was considered Last Seen on September 30, 2007.


Whiskers Mob

Hoax Mob

Tina Sparkle Whiskers