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Superman(VTYM010) was born on August 17, 2008 in the Toyota Mob. His litter-mates were Langman(VTYM009), Kriple Jan(VTYF008), Paymister(VTYM011), VTYP012 and VTYP013. His mother was Ju Drop and hs father was Greegan. All 6 pups survived September but in October VTYP013 and VTYP012 were both predated and Ju Drop disappeared.Superman and his remaining siblings survived to adulthood. Superman and his brothers started to rove. Langman disappeared while roving. Superman and Paymister often roved together and visited other groups. They were often seen at the Whiskers and JaXX. It is unknow if he has fathered any pups yet. In August his father and the dominant male Greegan went roving along with his sons but soon returned to the Toyota. He remained in the Toyota since then. In December, Greegan passed away leaving Paymister as the new dominant male. A group of rovers from the JaXX joined the Toyota while all the adult males were roving. Superman, Paymister, Rafola, VTYM028, VTYM032 and VTYM034 were not allowed to come back to the Toyota. The JaXX males chased them away.


The group of Toyota males were forced to go roving and they soon came acorss from evicted females from the Godzilla Mob. They stayed together and formed the Yardies Mob. Superman and Paymister were the same age and the most likely to become the dominant male. However Superman went roving and was absent at the end of the month. In September 2011 Superman disappeared while heavily infected with tuberculosis.


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