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was born on January 22, 2011, in the Lazuli. Her mother was Young the dominant female at the time, and her father was Rufus the dominant male. Sutica was born in a large litter of six. Her five littermates were her two sisters Merlino(VLF182) and Morgana(VLF183) and three brothers VLM178, Cagliostro(VLM179) and Gobolino(VLM181). When the pups started foraging with the adults at four weeks old, VLM178 died. The Lazuli were a large mob and managed to bring the rest of the pups through. Sutica started to take a more active role in the Lazuli. In June 2012, Sutica was evicted for the first time despite the fact that Young was not pregnant. She was evicted again in July along with O'Toolie and managed to rejoin the group. In September Cagliostro momentarily left the mob to join the Cave Men but soon rejoined that same month re-uniting the litter-mates back in the Lazuli. Her sister Merlino gave birth to a mix litter with other females in October 2012 and Sutica helped her raise the pups. In January 2013 Sutica was evicted again and rejoined by the end of the month. By the end of 2013, the Lazuli had lost many members due to eviction and roving, Sutica was the last of her litter still in the Lazuli. Her sisters have dispersed and disappeared while her two brothers left to join the Zulus Mob. In December 2013 Sutica was absent from the group.


Sutica had been evicted along with Bernie and Fran the Wo-Man and joined up with two males in January 2014. The males stayed with the females and formed the Nematoads. All three females were pregnant at the time, however, Bernie killed Sutica's litter when she gave birth. Sutica quickly became pregnant again but aborted her next litter in May. She aborted again in October but quickly became pregnant again in November. Both Sutica and Fran The Wo-Man were evicted by the end of the month and were absent. They reappeared in December, both females were pregnant but did not rejoin the group.


In January 2015 Sutica aborted while Fran The Wo-Man gave birth to four pups. With the birth of the litter, the little group was considered a mob now and dubbed the Xhodes. Busy with caring for the pups without male helpers left little time to settle dominance. In June 2015 she gave birth to VXHP005, VXHP006, and VXHP007. However, all of these pups were predated within two months of being born. In November 2015 tracking of the Xhodes was ceased, so Sutica was last seen as of November 2015.


Lazuli Mob

Xhodes Mob