Suzi Two-Tone MacFloozie Commandos


Suzi Two Tone MacFloozie(VCDF022)

Zorilla and SuzieMacFloozie.jpg
Suzie Two Tone McFloozie and her mother Zorilla
was born on February 19, 2006 in the Commandos mob. Her mother was Zorilla and her father was Aragorn. Her litter-mates were her two brothers Danger Wank(VCDM021) and Baldersnatch(VCDM024) and one sister Fizgig(VCDF023). Since her mother was the dominant female, Suzi Two Tone McFloozie and her siblings had a good chance at survival. The Commandos was a big mob at the time. She lived in the Commandos for about a year or so. Her father died and soon after the immigration of Whisker males, Zorilla began to evicted the eldest females from the group so she could hold on to her status as the dominant female. Suzi Two Tone McFloozie was evicted by Zorilla along with her older sisters AnnieAnnieAnnie and Jemima. The three females encountered a group of wild males.


They stayed together and formed the Geckos on December 19, 2007. The oldest of the females her AnnieAnnieAnnie took the role of dominant female with VGCM001 as dominant male. Suzi Two Tone McFloozie and her subordinate sister, Jemima gave birth to VGCM004, VGCM005, VGCM006 and VGCP007 on March 2-7, 2008. The mixed litter survived. AnnieAnnieAnnie gave birth to a new litter however VGCP011 was soon predated. A few month later after AnnieAnnieAnnie gave birth to another litter. She lost dominance to Suzi Two Tone McFloozie after she rejoined the group from being evicted in December 2008. Suzi Two Tone McFloozie became the dominant female and for some unknown reason VGCM001 was no longer seen acting as the dominant male. So VGCM002 became the new dominant male. By the time she became the dominant female the group was numbering 23 meerkats. When she got pregnant for the first time as the new dominant female, she evicted her two sisters. Several meerkat disappeared. The following months, Suzi Two Tone McFloozie disappeared before a litter could be born. Since she had the only radio collar, the Geckos went missing. It is unknown what happen to her and her mob but a new group appeared in their territory and are known as the Gremlins. They may been the remaining Geckos members. Suzie Two Tone McFloozie was Last Seen.

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