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T-Bone(VDM175) was First Seen in October 2013 when he and three other wild males joined the Drie Doring Mob. He was born in a wild mob most probably somewhere beyond the Drie Doring territory and at some point in his adult life, he went roving with three other males and joined the Drie Doring mob while the natal-males were roving. The wild males made themselves right at home and drove out any other natal-males. Male dominance was unknown at the time do to the wildness of the new males. The dominant female Mist was actually already pregnant at the time, the father most likely an unknown rover, possibly one of the wild males. She gave birth to four pups in November. T-Bone and the other males were not given proper ID codes even though they had joined the group before the birth of the pups. In December all four wild males were actually absent from the group but returned within the following month. However in Janaury there was a group split, most of the already dwindling Drie Doring mob was with the splinter including T-Bone and the other three wild males. Both Mist and her daughter Yallah were showing signs of pregnancy, the fathers were unknown. Most of the splinter members rejoined in March however male dominance was still unknown. Two females and one of the wild males disappeared after the splinter and the other two wild males started to rove and disappeared a month later. T-Bone was last of the males and most probably had been the dominant male, but without competition, he became the dominant male by default. He was finally given an ID code around this time. Several of the females were pregnant by the begining of 2014 but no litters survived. Mist became seperated from the group but returned soon after and she started to show signs of being pregnant. It is known if T-Bone was the father because another unknown wild male had visited the group at the time. In September 2014 Mist gave birth to four pups and in October was pregnant again. However the father still remained uncurtain as a Lazuli rover named Brea had visited a few times. As of May 2015, T-Bone has set out roving, leaving the Drie Doring mob without a dominant male. 


Drie Doring Mob

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