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Teabag Young Ones


Yes, formally of the Elveera
Date of Birth
July 8, 2004
Date of Death
August 2009
Cause of Death
Sisulu, Sobukwe, Luthuli, Tutu,James Bond, Vidy, Nathalie, Winnie, Mika and Oskar
Known For
Overthrowing his brother
Also Known As
Zaphod son

Young Ones

Teabag(VYM113) was born on July 8, 2004 in the Young Ones Mob. His mother was Veda. He was born in a litter on three pups. His two litter-mates were Tequila(VYF115) and Biltong(VYM114). The whole litter survived. Teabag and his siblings survived life in the Young Ones and grew up to adulthood. After his mother Veda died and her older half sister Asterix took over dominance. A Vivian rover named Alexander joined the Young Ones with a Whiskers male named Einstein. Teabag lived in the Young Ones for two years. Teabag's sister Tequila was evicted by Asterix with another female. Her young son Shady left with them and they joined three Lazuli males and formed the PQ group but TB killed two of the members. Tequila and teamed up with a wild female named Wild Kat and both joined the Balrog. Teabag and some of the other males began to rove at other groups. He left the group to go roving with Habusu and his litter-mate Biltong. They then joined another rival group.


The group was called Elveera Mob in 2006 soon after most of the adult males had left to rove. The dominant female of the group was Jo Jo Hello. The eldest of the Young One males Habusu became the dominant male. Jo Jo Hello gave birth to three pups named Chibuku Scud, Gijima and Kangela. She then gave birth to two pups named Mr. Scruff and Scrawny. Then Jo Jo Hello then gave birth to Sisulu, Sobukwe, Luthuli and Tutu. Habusu was dominant male of the group until begining of 2007 when Teabag overthrew Habusu, taking Jo Jo Hello as his mate. The two led for a while before Jo Jo Hello died in 2009. Her daughter, Chibuku Scud, who was from her first litter, took over as the dominant female. Disease hit the group again in the middle of 2009, killing most group members. As well as suffering badly from disease, the group splintered. Only four meerkats remained in the main group. Chibuku Scud, the dominate female, Teabag, who was still the dominate male, Vidy and Mika, ,two subordinates. By August 2009, Teabag died of TB followed by Chibuku Scud, Vidy and Mika. All the remaining members of the splinter group disappeared and the Elveera were lost. Only roving Elveera males initially survived. They were put in the catagory of Chuckle Brothers, a group of nomadic rovers.


Young Ones Mob

Elveera Mob

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