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Teahupo'o JaXX
Yes, of the JaXX
Date of Birth
October 9, 2012
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Bungee and Unknown
Known For
Second dominant female of JaXX
Also Known As
Diana's Grand Daughter


Teahupo'o(VJXF058) was born in October 9, 2012 into the JaXX Mob. Her mother was Bungee, a subordinate female, and her father was an unknown male, most likely a rover from the Lazuli. Her litter-mates were Jaws(VJXM056), Cloudbreak(VJXF057) and Mavericks(VJXM059). Sadly, Jaws was lost in December 2012 and Mavericks was predated a month later. But Teahupo'o and her remaining sister Cloudbreak survived to adulthood. In April 2013 Teahupo'o was evicted for the first time, even though she wasn't fully mature. She was evicted again in September 2013 and didn't return to the group until a month later. In December 2013 Teahupo'o was pregnant for the first time. Her grandmother and dominant female of the group, Diana, was also pregnant. In the following month, Diana, Teahupo'o, and two other females, Cheesy Puff and Paddle Pop were all pregnant. To protect her unborn pups, Teahupo'o, her sister Cloudbreak, Cheesy Puff and Paddle Pop were evicted by Diana and forms an all female splinter group for a short while. Teahupo'o ended up aborting her litter while Cheesy Puff gave birth. All of the females except for Paddle Pop rejoined the JaXX before the month was over. Paddle Pop remained behind to try and look after Cheesy Puff's pups, but was unsuccessful. A month she rejoined the group and gave birth to four pups in March. Cloudbreak became pregnant again and gave birth to four male pups in June. Teahupo'o was now and aunt and she helped her sister raise her pups. In August 2014 Diana was sadly predated. In September 2014 Teahupo'o became the new dominant female of the group despite the fact that Cheesy Puff was her seinor by two years. She became pregnant, most likely by Guiness but aborted the litter in November, however her siser Cloudbreak was pregnant again. In May 2015 Teahupo'o got pregnant and the next month she gave birth to her first surviving litter. This litter consisted of four pups, MauaMalabarYoda and Sheena. All of these pups survived to adulthood. She gave birth again in September of that year but the litter was killed by her pregnant sister Cloudbreak. She got pregnant again in December but aborted the litter. She gave birth to her second surviving litter in July 2016, the litter consisting of EedwardJabokSharpsepar and The Living From. This would be her last litter, she would get pregnant in October 2016 but she would be found dead the next month. Most likely succumbing to the drought and rough conditions.


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