Teapot(VFF172) was born on August 26, 2010 in the Frisky Mob. Her mother was Quaver and her father was an unknown rover, probably a wild male or a Drie Doring. Teapot was born ina  litter fo three, her litter-mates were Crane(VFM173) and VFP174. The litter soon started to forage with the adults however in September VFP174 was predated. Teapot and Crane survived their first few months. In June 2011 a group of Drie Doring males joined the group with Falco taking dominance. Soon Teapot and Crane reach adulthood and started helping out around the mob. Crane started to rove while Teapot stayed in the Frisky and avoided the rovers who visited the group. She managed to avoid evictions. In June 2012 her mother Quaver sadly died leaving the dominant position to her aunt Muscat. In November 2012 Muscat evicted Teapot for the first time with some other females. In December 2012Teapot was still abasent from the group with all the subordinante females, then two Kung Fu females and another Drie Doring male joined group, Muscat was evicted from the group and was absent with most of the members including Teapot and Crane. In January 2013 The two Kung Fu females dispersed along with Andy C. Between January and Febraury 2013 most of the absent members were considered Last Seen. Teapots disappeared.


Frisky Mob

Quaver Frisky