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Tenuvial Phantom
Formerly of the Phantom and Elveera
Date of Birth
First Seen, March 4, 1996
Date of Death
April 19, 2001
Cause of Death
Known For
First dominant female of the Phantom and Elveera


Tenuvial(VPF001) was first seen as dominant female in the semi-habituated group called the Phantom Mob on March 4, 1994. The Phantom mob's habituation progressed well and was a good size group. However later that year, the Phantom split in two with several meerkats following Tenuvial and the rest remaining with the main group including the dominant male was named Ectorius. Tenuvial's was group couldn't be tracked and was lost.  Tenuvial's group remained seperated for a year and a half and were not relocated untill early 1996.


The new group was called the Elveera Mob. Tenuvial had mantained her dominance and she was soon joined by the former dominant male of the Phantom Ectorius. With the group was a pup named Phoenix, whom was Tenuvial's son. Re-habituation progessed, however Ectorius soon disappeared and the remaining natal-males, whom had been with Tenuvial since her time in the Phantom, soon took to roving abandoning the group. Tenuvial didn't have to wait for a new mate for long, a Drie Doring male and a Vivian male joined the group not long after. The Vivian male named Silks, who was the first born pup in the Vivian, took up the dominant male position next to Tenuvial. She soon gave birth to some more litters. On March 16, 1998 Tenuvial gave birth to a litter, one of the pups was named Miles. On September 15, 1998, Tenuvial gave birth to Raul, VEF021 and Bettik. Two of her pups would become dominants in other groups. Tenuvial's first litter of the new year came on February 20, 1999, when she gave birth to Diddle, Grub and Cuthbert. Tenuvial did not produce another litter until August 2, 1999 when she gave birth, one of the pups was a male named Dante. Tenuvial's next litter came on Janaury 5, 2000, when she gave birth to BanditJoey, Mimi and Sparkey. Tenuvial started to slow down with her litters, aborting or losting them to other females. Her daughter Bettik gave birth to a litter of five pups, Tenuvial's first grandchildren born in the Elveera. Tenuvial finally gave birth to another litter on August 21, 2000 when she gave birth to Calico, Cambric, Damask and Taffeta. Tenuvial's last litter came on Janaury 8, 2001 when she gave birth to four females named Magenta, Pinkie, Scarlet and Violet. Only four months after her last litter, Tenuvial was predated on April 19, 2001. Her younger sister Eleusine became the dominant female of the Elveera following her death. Tenuvial's son Raul later became the dominant male of the Lazuli and Tottenham Mob. Bettik founded the Zappa Mob and Phoenix, although not a dominant, fathered a famous litter in the Vivian Mob, allowing Tenuvial's blood-line to continue into the current mobs of today.


Phantom Mob

Elveera Mob

Phoenix Elveera