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The Art of Leadership

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The Art of Leadership is the ninth episode of the second season of Meerkat Manor.


The Lazuli return home to find their enemies, the Whiskers, raiding their burrow. However, half of the rival gang were occupied chasing off Youssarian, who was mistaken for an enemy. Below ground the Whiskers are after Pancake and the two Lazuli pups. Kinkaju spots the oncoming Lazuli and alerts the Whiskers. The rightful burrow-owners chase the smaller Whiskers' half away. Lazuli female Marilyn finds Pancake and both pups alive. Flower and the rest of her family return to their home burrow and wait for the remainder of the Whiskers to return, but rover Youssarian is the only one to make it back. After three hours Flower decides to move dens due to the fact that their burrow is too close to their neighbour's. After encountering an eagle owl, the Whiskers manage to find a new home and get all four pups there safely. Weeks passed and the Manor becomes covered in yellow devil's-thorn flowers. The gang take the pups, Apollo, Nutmeg, Pepper, Athena and Blossom, on their first foraging trip. During the hunt they ran into another mob, but quickly discover that it's the other half of the Whiskers. Reunited, the family return home, but the happiness is short-lived as Flower notices Mozart is pregnant.

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