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The Death of Romance

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The Death of Romance is the fourth episode of season three of Meerkat Manor.


Pregnant Kinkaju leads the Starsky group to a new burrow. But during the move Carlos struggles due to his infected facial wound. The group encounter a snake and mob it but eventually move on. At the Whiskers, it's revealed that Flower had given birth to another litter. When she takes the group out foraging, Houdini, a roving male from the Zappa, tails the family. Flower sneaks off to mate with him but they are discovered by Zaphod, who chases Houdini off.

Kinkaju eventually leads the Starsky to a new burrow where she intends to give birth in. They spend the afternoon foraging, but Carlos heads back to the burrow without them. When the group returns that night Carlos is no where to be seen. The next morning it's revealed he had succumbed to his infection and had died at a different burrow.

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