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In a burrow, in the heart of Zappa territory, Sophie is caring for Flower's pups. Above ground, Jogu and Mitch anxiously survey their surroundings. They scour the area, but have no idea where they are.

At the Whiskers burrow, there's a sombre mood amongst the meerkats. Losing Flower's first litter of the year, and three prime adult members, has been a devasting blow. In an attempt to calm Flower's nerves, Rocket Dog grooms her mother. But Flower isn't interested a moves away. Her only interest is the whereabouts of her precious pups. Having only been seperated, there's a chance they could still be alive. But in the 3 square miles that make up the territory, it's going to be a near-impossible mission, like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Back at the small refuge, Sophie as surfaced to scan the area with her brothers. With so few to watch over Izzy, Busta and Suggs, they can't risk moving then. But they can't just stay there either. Mitch, the oldest of the three, who breaks the dead-lock; if he can find the Whiskers and lead them back to the pups, they'd finally get out of their predicament and he would recieve a Hero's Welcome. It's brave and dangerous plan, but if there's one meerkat who can pull-off the mission, it's Mitch.

Just over a mile away, the Zappa are out forgaing. Having lost the best part of their hunting grounds to the Whiskers, their mood is unpredictable. Lola is giving her partner, Frank a hard time by displacing him from his freshly dug hole to steal his meal. But it's hardly the rich pickings she's used to. Unwittingly, the bad tempered and hungry Zappa are heading towards the Whiskers' babysitters. If they find the pups they could all be dining on a dish called; Revenge.

Meanwhile, Flower is desperately trying to find her pups. Her contact calls have been echoing across the Kalahari ever since the Whiskers left the burrow. Having searched their own territory, they've now ventured into their rival's land. This is a terrible scenario. Flower knows that if her pups are alive, they're in the heart of enemy territory. The Whiskers will have to act quickly if they're going to find them alive.

Unaware of the dangers, Izzy, Busta and Suggs have finally emerged from their hiding place and enjoy the moment playfighting. They show alot of interest in the swirling drongo birds overhead. They understand that adult meerkats have a healthy fear of birds, but Jogu and Sophie aren't paying any attention to the small fliers, they're keeping a lookout for more serious threats.

Someone else keeping his eyes peeled is Mitch. Having been on the move for a while, he's managed to pick up the Whiskers scent. At every oppatunity, he climbs to a high vantage point to try and spot his family. But as he concentrates on the trail, he accidently walks into the nesting grounds of displeased Plover parents, who believe the meerkat is after their eggs and chase him off immediately. The distraction has put Mitch off the Whisker's scent. But with the lives of the pups at stake, he won't give up.

The Whiskers are having bird problems of their own. They've been pinned down by an eagle and are stuck in the shadows of a tree. They dare not move until the danger passes. But every second spent waiting here is a second not spent searching for the litter. But they may already be too late.

A stranger has showed up at the babysitter's burrow. Melanie, an evicted female from the Zappa, has come in search of her family. Unaware of who she is, Sophie and Jogu send the frightened pups below ground and quickly set about scent-marking the area. After a moment, they realise she's not a threat. Jogu, who is still only a teenager, takes the oppatunity to settle his eyes upon the attractive, elegant and unattatched female. As Melanie leaves, like moth to flame, Jogu follows. If he plays his cards right, he could become an adult meerkat by sundown.

With Jogu following his hormones, Sophie has been left to care for the three pups, alone. One teenaged female against a whole group doesn't stand a chance. She can only hope that the family will find her soon. But it may not be the Whiskers who get there first. Izzy, Busta and Suggs return to the surface. They're starving and, after the shock of Melanie, are less playful. Sophie is also hungry, but won't abandon her duty to the pups.

Meanwhile, the Zappa have discovered the babysitter's scent. Angered, they race ahead in the direction of Sophie and the Pups.

Mitch has also made a discovery. He's spotted a family in the distance. He sneaks closer to get a good look. But it's not the Whiskers. However, he recognises one of them, even if she has put on a bit of weight. It's Mozart, his long lost sister. Her group's sentry spots Mitch and quickly sends him off. Mozart was evicted from the Whiskers three months ago and was struggling to live alone. Thankfully, she bumped into Carlos, a Lazuli rover and one of her old flames. He has a large wound on his face, a present from Commando dominant male, Hannibal, and has certainly lost his looks. He has given up his life as a rover to start a family; The Starsky. With only seven in the gang they're not exactly up to Whiskers strength, but with Mozart pregnant, their numbers are set to improve. With Carlos as dominant male, the position of dominant female is within Mozart's grasp. But she is not without competition. Kinkajou, Mozart's half sister, is also pregnant and in the running for the position of top-kat. If Mozart is going to stand a chance of becoming leader, she'll have to keep an eye on her half-sister.

Back at the burrow, Sophie is anxiously making contact calls for her brothers to return. But her desperate calls have attracted unwanted attention. By the time Sophie spots the danger, it's too late; The Zappa have her in their sights. Immediately, Sophie takes the pups below ground. But she's going to need a miracle if she's to have any chance of protecting them. She will fight to the death to defend Flower's pups.

Meanwhile, the Whiskers have escaped the attention of the eagle and are continuing their search for the litter. Suddnely Flower spots something in the distance. An aggresive charging group; the Zappa. Believing they're under attack for trespassing, the Whiskers gather together and create a ferocious war dance. They quickly begin charging in the Zappa's direction. Below ground, Sophie has no idea she's in the middle of an inevidable battle. Focused on getting at the pups, the Zappa continue charging and are oblivious to the Whiskers coming at them at full speed. When they finally see the Whiskers, they stop dead in their tracks. With little energy from the lack of food and the full might of the Whiskers bearing down on them, the Zappa retreat.

Unsure of what just happened, Sophie cautiously leads the pups above ground. They are greeted not by angry Zappa fangs and claws, but by the welcome grooms of their family; the Whiskers. Finally reunited, Flower scent-marks her pups to reassure them. Her determination has saved their lives. As night falls over the Kalahari, the Whiskers are still at the Zappa burrow. Flower has decided to claim this as their own. Having chased off the Zappa twice, she's confident they can handle the neighbours. Mitch managed to make it back and didn't recieve his Hero's Welcome, but his efforts didn't go unnoticed; he recieved some affection from other members. And Jogu also made it back, he is now a full fledged adult male. The day ends for the Whiskers with an added bonus; Flower is announced as being pregnant again.

Meanwhile, the mood at the Zappa couldn't be any diff

Season 3, Episode 2

erent. Frank has been beaten two days in a row and now the Whiskers are camped right at his doorstep. His family must fight back if they're to stand any chance of survival. And at the Starsky, Mozart must act fast if she wants to claim the position of dominant female.