Thelma Whiskers

Thelma Whiskers
Date of Birth
November 22, 2001
Date of Death
November 14, 2003
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Vialli's daughter
Also Known As
Last of the sister to disappear

Thelma(VWF041) was born in the Whiskers group around 2002. Her mother was Vialli and her father was Zaphod, the new dominant pair of the Whiskers at the time. Thelma was born in a large litter of seven. Her litter-mates were her two brothers Big Will(VWM38) and Tarzan(VWM044) and four sisters Itchy(VWF039), Scratchy(VWF040), Louise(VWF042) and Daisy(VWF043). The Whiskers were a good size group with many adults so the pups survived their first few months. Three months of age, Thelma's mother Vialli disappeared and was believed to have been predated. Her aunt Flower won dominance of the Whiskers beside Zaphod. At a year of age, Thelma started to help out with the new pups. She soon mated with a rover and became pregnant along with Scratchy and Itchy. Her sister Itchy was the first to give birth but lost the litter when Flower abandoned the pups. Scratchy gave birth in March but her litter was also abandon. Thelma was the last of the females to give birth and this time her pups were killed by Flower. After mating with a rover, Thelma became a prime target for evictions. She and her sisters were also the oldest subordinate females in the group. In late 2003, Flower started to evict females from the group starting with Louise. Scratchy, Itchy and Daisy soon followed and disappeared in October. In November Thelma was the last to be evicted and soon followed their sisters. Thelma was Last Seen on November 14, 2003. 


Mother: Vialli 

Father: Zaphod

Sisters: Daisy, Louise, Itchy and Scratchy

Brothers: Big Will and Tarzan

Grandmothers: Holly and Vivian

Gradnfathers: Argon and Phoenix

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