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Theo(VVHF072) was born into the Van Helsing Mob in January 2014. Her mother was the dominant female at the time Bes 1 and her father was an unknown rover. She had four other other litter-mates, Wurpet(VVHF069), Winkie(VVHF070), Vladimir(VVHM071) and Dolly(VVHF073). In March 2014, pregnant female Egg overthrew theo's mother Bes 1. Egg evicted three month old Wurpet and Wurpet would sadly never return, most likely being predated. In April, at the age of just four months Theo, Dolly and Winkie were all evicted they were all able to succsesfully make it back into the group. She and her siblings succsessfully made it to adulthood. In December 2015 she got pregnant along with Death, Bes 1 and Egg. She and Egg would carry their pregnancies full term and Theo would give birth to her first litter consisting of four pups, Bear, Willy, Frankie and June in January 2015, when she was just one year old. After this she became Egg's main eviction target and would regularly be evicted every month. Her sisters Winkie and Dolly also became her targets. Winkie would be lost in May 2015. Theo countinued to get evicted and in April 2016 she gave birth again with her sister Dolly to Goblin, Cacahuéte Le Deuxiéme, Fatboy, Le Grand Obstaclé and Irn-Bru ll. Sadly, the next month in May 2016, Theo was evicted and Last Seen.


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