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Titus was seen as the dominant male in the Meerkat Manor The Story Begins. It is unknown who played him, probably many males, one may have been J. Alfred Prufruck. His mate was Rheagan dominant female. He was the father of Zaphod and Yossarian. The two males weren't really form the Lazuli and Rheagan and Titus were made up meerkats to replace Ziziphus and Belgarion the real dominant pair at the time of Flower's birth. Titus was a fierce leader though he wasn't mention mush as his mate. He helped lead an attack on the Whiskers babysitting burrow where Flower and her litter-mates were. The attack failed and the Lazuli ran away when the Whiskers returned. Later the Lazuli got bored an attacked the Whiskers again. The Whiskers ran away and the Lazuli were seen as disappointed and returned home. He was seen later when Flower led the attack on the Lazuli. His group wasn't ready for an encounter with their old rivals. He and Reagan led the attack but failed when Yossarian joined the Wiskers.


It is unknown who played Titus but a lot of footage of his mate Rheagan was played by Zorilla, so it is possible that either Aragorn or Ketamine played Titis.


Meerkat Manor The Story Begins

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