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Toppen and pups

was born on November 11, 2008 into the Lazuli. Her mother was Young a Lazuli female and his mother was Wollow, a Whiskers male. Her litter-mates were her four brothers Kuhglocken(VLM146), Snowy(VLM147), Soul Hudson(VLM148) and Franz(VLM149). She was the only female in the litter. Just a month after Toppen and her his siblings were born, her mother Young Young was pregnant again in December and gave birth to six pups in January. Toppen's whole litter survived to adulthood. She started to take a more active role within the mob and was often seen caring for the pups. Her brother Soul Hudson disappeared in Marh 2011 after taking to roving. Toppen started to attract rovers to the mob and it wasn't long before she fell pregnant in April 2011. She wasn't the only female pregnant within the Lazuli, her mother Young and older half sister Christiana were also showign signs of pregnancy. Both Christiana and Toppen gave birth to a mix litter of  in May 2011 named Fran The Wo-ManFlammkuchenPipFran The Man and Sinbad. The pups survived their first few months but Fran The Man was predated in July and Toppen soon died within the same month.


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