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Treva The Renewer Whiskers

Treva Whiskers 2012.jpg

Date of Birth
October 30, 2010
Date of Death
October 2013
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Possibly Swift, Pe'ahi, Mentawai and Loredo
Known For
Joining the Toyota
Also Known As
Ernesto's sister


Treva The Renewer(VWF161) was born in the Whiskers in October 30, 2010. Her mother was Ella the dominant female at the time an her father was the dominant male Thundercat. She was born in a litter of four with her three litter-mates were Madiba(VWM158), Ernesto(VWM159) and Nanageddon(VWF160). Treva and her litter-mates survived their first three months and started foraging. In Janaury 2011, Ella gave birth to another litter, by then Treva was four months old, not old enough to help her mother with the new pups but old enough to take care of herself. In May 2011, Nanageddon died and the following month Ella lost dominance. Treva aborted her first litter in September along with her older sister Naggapatzi. Treva The Renewer and her remaining litter-mates however survived through their first year and reach adulthood. Her two brothers started to go roving while Treva became pregnant in early 2012 along with Enili and Naggapatzi.  In March 2012, both Treva and Enili gave birth to Swift, Pe'ahi, Mentawai and Loredo. Within that same month Treva's brother Madiba died. In May Treva's last litter-mate Ernesto was bitten by a snake and survived. Sadly the following month Mentawai was predated. The next month Treva was evicted for the first time along with Naggapatzi. Treva The Renewer and her older sister were unable to rejoin their mob


Treva foraging

Treva and Naggapatzi soon came across the nearby Toyota, a small mob with only one adult males and three sub-adults. The two evictees hung around a little before being fully accepted. Naggapatzi ousted the sub-adult dominant female Firefly to take dominace beside Rococo. Treva became pregnant after mating with an unknown rover in late 2012. In Janaury 2013, Treva gave birth to four pups, VTYP046, VTYP047, VTYP048 and VTYP049 but sadly all the pups were lost within the following month. Treva the Renewer was evicted and absent from the group in September 2013. Then in October 2013 she was sadly Last Seen with TB.


Whiskers Mob

Toyota Mob