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Ugly Pup (VWF030) was born on September 28, 2000 in the Whiskers. Her mother was Artemis and her father was an unknown rover. She was born with one brother named Misfit(VWM031). The pups were born to a subortinante female only a few weeks after the former dominant female Holly produced a litter. Holly had died leaving Artemis' pups with no threat and she even adopted Holly's pups as her own. Ugly Pup, her brother Misfit and the other pups survived their first few months, Misfit was adopted into the Young Ones but sadly died on December 12, 2000. Artemis gave birth to Mi Julie, Rydapuni, and Dangerous Dave on January 19, 2001. Artemis was evicted and disappared June 23, 2001. On March 22, 2002 Ugly Pup gave birth to VWM046, VWP047, and VWP048. Sadly a month later when the pups started foraging with the adults both VWP047 and VWP048 died on April 23, 2002. Ugly Pup's remaing male pup VWM046 died only a few months later from a bird of prey on June 15, 2002. A few months later Ugly Pup, was evicted with Smithers, Mi Julie, and Rydapuni were evicted and eventually joined wild males.


The small group stayed together and formed the Asphodel Mob. Both Ugly Pup or Smithers were the oldest females and close in age, however Ugly Pup became dominant female and one of the wild males took up dominance for a short while. The smalle mob had formed on Balrog territory and started to jave encounters with the larger mob. The Asphodel produced one litter but it was killed by the Whiskers. Soon after the two wild males abandoned the mob and the group fell apart after that. Smithers and Mi Julie disappeared in October and a month later Ugly Pup disappeared on November 19, 2002 leaving Rydapuni as the last member till she joined the Vivian.


Whiskers Mob

Asphodel Mob