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United We Stand is the seventh episode of the second season of Meerkat Manor.


The Commandos continue their raid on the small half of the Whiskers, which includes Flower and her pups. Zaphod from the other half of the Whiskers appears and is spotted by the Commandos member, Ozzy. The Commandos abandon their mission to charge at Zaphod. It's revealed that Zaphod has the rest of the Whiskers with him, he leads them into battle. At the Whiskers' babysitting burrow, Mozart has been accepted by babysitters Sophie and Spud and gives the newborn pups a feed. Some distance away, Flower and her half of the Whiskers finally emerge from their burrow. None of her members were harmed during the raid, so they begin their journey home, unaware that a large male meerkat is lying dead nearby. When Flower makes it home she discovers all of the Whiskers except for Zaphod and Mitch have returned. Mozart is accepted by Flower and comforts her mother while she anxiously waits for the return of her son and partner. Eventually Zaphod and Mitch both return alive, and it's revealed that the dead meerkat was Ozzy.

Three weeks later the rains arrive, turning the desert into a green oasis. The Whiskers latest litter of five pups emerge from the burrow for the first time. While the pups stay at home, the Whiskers go foraging. During their hunt the group encounter a cape cobra, but after the appearence of a bird of prey they leave the snake alone. Back at the burrow it's revealed the pups could be in danger as they're being babysat by the unreliable Youssarian.

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