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Urukhai Mob
Date of Formation
December 2009
Date of Lost
Janaury 2010
Cruise, Kiango, She-Ra, Honey, Porcelian, Snap, Pop, Coco and Al Catraz
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Al Catraz
Last Known Dominant Female
Last Known Dominant Male
Al Catraz
Cause of Lost
All members rejoined the Baobab
Last Known Members

The Urukhai was a short lived mob formed by a splinter group of Baobab meerkats in late 2009. The group was made up of nine meerkats, eight females and only one male that slpintered from the Baobab. Cruise, of Whiskers orginis, became the dominant female with Al Catraz, a wild male from the Baobab. All most all the females were pregnant but all members rejoined the Baobab within a month.

Dominant Pair

When the group splintered, Cruise was the oldest female in the group so she easilly became the dominant female. Al Catraz the only male in the group and was unrelated to only Cruise so he established himself as the dominant male without competition. The group lasted only a month and rejoined the Baobab where both Cruise and Al Catraz lost their dominant positions.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the Urukhai.

Cruise, the Dominant Female

Cruise (VWF075)

Al Catraz (VBBM003)

Kiango (VBBF005)

She-Ra (VBBF012)

Honey (VBBF014)

Porcelain (VBBF015)

Snap (VBBF018)

Pop (VBBF020)

Coco (VBBF021)


The Urukhai main rivals were the Baobab, the group in which the splinter had come from. Their territory was within the Baobab's however their other rivals were the Moomins and the Aztecs. Being a small group of nine members, the Urukhai most likely would have reteated and held a small territory. The Urukhia only encounter Baobab.