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About me

I'm a 15 year old teenager who loves amimals including meerkats and reptiles. I have two leopard geckos as pets. The female leopard gecko is Mandy and the male leo is Naroto. I got them from Ms.V in spring 2011 and have been taking care of them ever since. I remember seeing an episode of Meerkat Manor sometime in 2008 in AP and I wanted to know more so I typed in Meerkats wikia and that's why I founs this site. I also have developed a love foe Greek and Egyptian mythology and Ancient History including the history of Ancient Egypt. I also have a book called Ceaser and Christ by historian Will Durant which talks about the history of Rome and Christianity from their beginning to 325 C.E./A.D. I'm still going to be on this wiki sometimes.

Welcome !

Hello I am Denny60643 I love all animals that's why I have been making some pages. If you want to talk to me just go to my talk page.

Making New Pages

I am always thinking about making new pages.

My Most Favorite Dominant Meerkats

Flower : She was a great leader in her mob because she helped her mob out-wit the other meerkat groups.She was also a noble mother.She helped her gang so much like get rid of the unruly meerkats like Tocsa(Baddiel) and Baddiel was forced to be an outcast until she was last seen January 17, 2005 and may have got killed by a bird of prey.She was dominant for 5 years in the Whiskers until she died.But it was her

Mitch Whiskers: At first I didn't like him because he was Flower's greedy pup and stole food from other pups.But as the series went on I began to like him because he was trying to keep his family safe from enemy groups and birds of prey.He then went on a roving trip and never came back.

Ella Whiskers: She is one of my favorites because she babysitted Rocket Dog's pups and she was really caring like Mozart.I hope she could do much more like her mother Flower.Today she is the leader of the gang she was born in and I think she will keep her place as dominant female for many years.She is very cool and very great and should be prasied for her work as a meerkat.

Rocket Dog Whiskers: She was the dominant female for a year during her short reign.She did many things like have her first pups Nugget and Becker.She also took care of Axel because he was a lost Young Ones pup.She also got bit by a snake but recovered and sadly got hit by a car and died.She needs more creit than she gets.

Zaphod:I like him because he is strong and brave and not dumb.He was to only male meerkat apart From Yossarian to have Flower to fall for him.He was a great dominant male of the Whiskers because he guraded Flower from other males that may try to mate with her even his brother Yossarian couldn't mate with her.He is the dominant male of the Aztecs.He is strong,loving and kind.His brother Yossarian was a mean dominant male often attacking his brothers so I am happy Zaphod overthrew him.Zaphod is a better dominant male than Yossarian ever was.

My Favorite Non-Dominant Meerkats

Mozart Whiskers: She was a caring meerkat that proved her worth by babysitting the pups.She gave birth to Miss Lily The Pink,Jogu,Tina Sparke and a unamed pup who died in a den move made by Yossarian who is not a good babysitter.She also cared for pups often by babysitting.But when she was killed by abird of prey my heart broke.



== ==

==Meerkats I Never Forgot==] :The dominant female of the Whiskers_Mob Mob She will never be forgotten by by everybody who knew her incuding me.

Zaphod: The dominant male of the Whiskers and Aztecs He was born in the Vivian group. Today he is the dominant male of the Aztecs still living.

Other wikis

Meerkats Fanon Wiki - This is the wiki that I'm usually on when I'm not on Meerkats Wikia. I'll be spending a lot more time at the Fanon wikia than here with all of my mobs to update LOL. This is the wikia I'll usually be at for now on.

Pictures Of Meerkats

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Flower without her radio collar

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Flower on Gurad