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I have left this wiki!........( before i go i will remove all the images i uploaded here).


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Hi I'm Dennyfeline Whiskers. I am a very active meerkat and love to be a dominant and leader. I have been an active user and love my fellow meerkats and love writting articles about them. This is my user page and i have put all the details on this page, ranging from my favorite meerkats to my thought for Meerkats Wiki. Enjoy.

Currently working on

Whiskers Mob/Chronology

Moomins Mob

Frisky Mob

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Favourite meerkats still living and those who have passed on

Flower Whiskers

Ella Whiskers

Zaphod Vivian

Risca Whiskers

Rocket Dog Whiskers

Shakespeare Whiskers

Holly Young Ones

Yossarian Vivian

Vialli Whiskers

Zorilla Gattaca

Ningaloo Whiskers

Kleintjie Gattaca

Diana Lazuli

Morgause Avatar

Hannibal Commando

Stinker Gattaca

Mussolini Balrog

Veda Young Ones

Suzi Two-Tone MacFloozie Commandos

Monkulus Whiskers

Hawkeye Whiskers

Ketamine Commandos

Cruise Whiskers

Machu Pichu Whiskers

Miss Lily The Pink Whiskers

Greegan Toyota

Mozart Whiskers

Nugget Whiskers

Mabili Drie Doring

Panthro Whiskers

etc....etc.....I Adore every single meerkat, its difficult to choose.

Meerkat Mobs

Favourite Mobs Lost and Living

Whiskers Mob

Zappa Mob

Toyota Mob

Drie Doring Mob

Elveera Mob

Commandos Mob

Balrog Mob

Kung Fu Mob

JaXX Mob

Baobab Mob

Lazuli Mob

Gattaca Mob

Hoax Mob

Van Helsing Mob

Frisky Mob

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Meerkat Queens

Favourite Ruling Queens (Dominant female meerkats)

Flower Whiskers

Ella Whiskers

Bettik Elveera

Mabili Drie Doring

Hawkeye Whiskers

Kleintjie Gattaca

Holly Young Ones

Flo Whiskers

Jubulani Young Ones

Miss Lily The Pink Whiskers

Luella Balrog

Mist Drie Doring

Rocket Dog Whiskers

Diana Lazuli

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

Meerkat Kings

Favourite Ruling Kings (Dominant male meerkats)

Zaphod Vivian

Yossarian Vivian

Ningaloo Whiskers

Wollow Whiskers

Greegan Toyota

Al Capone Baobab

Stinker Young Ones

Burgan Drie Doring

Alexander Vivian

Thundercat Lazuli

Articles I Have Made

Every single meerkat is special

My Thought For Meerkats Wiki

Meerkats Wiki has been one of the best sites i "Dennyfeline" have ever discovered. Animals have always been very important to me, and Meerkats are no exception. Here at Meerkats Wiki, i have the opportunity to express my knowledge of meerkats and every thing which has got something to do with them. Meerkat Manor is simply the best, in every sense, I got to know many individual meerkats, The Kalahari Meerkat Project has just been a dream come true in terms of studying meerkats, here at Meerkats wiki, i express my knowledge of the many meerkats i know, i always do my best to make sure that every single meerkat has his or her own special article eg, its not fair when looking at the Whiskers Mob and seeing every single meerkat has their own article and looking at the Zappa Mob, only one single meerkat has an article and the rest of the Zappa meerkats don't, so i try to make every single meerkat special by providing an article for all of them (even if it is a short article).