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Alice Lillibeth Noirette
Minerva Zoe
Favourite Meerkats
Flower, Yossarian, Rocket Dog, Mitch, Ella, Fluffernutter, Zarathustra, Jo Jo Hello, Patch, Lucifer
Drawing, writing, going on adventures, animals, astronomy, marine biology, myths, cryptids, medical science, and of course meerkats
Favourite Months
October And December

Me And Meerkats 

My favourite animal by far are meerkats. I fell in love with them while watching a rerun of Meerkat Manor in the summer of 2013. Sadly I was unaware that it existed during when it first aired and became popular, so I ended up missing the show in it's glory mode and fanfare over it. Though at least they still played it on Animal Planet and there are still fans of it on the internet, even if there aren't as many as there use to be. I now spend my days searching for meerkat merchandise to add to my ever growing collection, watching meerkat documentaries, drawing them, and constantly wanting to visit zoos that contain them. If I could I would spend the whole day just watching them be their fluffy and mishchievous selves. My dream is to one day visit Africa to see them in their natural habitat and when I'm old enough to get a job as a meerkat keeper so I can always be able to see and interact with them. 


Drawing has been something I've been doing ever since I could hold a crayon. It wasn't till I was older that I started to get serious about my art, which was also the same I started watching animes. Since then I have joined DeviantART where I met and continue to meet so many wonderful artists who give me the inspiration the continue to improve, lots of them having become my dearest friends. When I'm able to, I enjoy writing stories that come to me sometimes. Though the majority remain incomplete and abandoned because I loose inspiration and no longer know how to continue them. 

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