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Hello, this is Mattkenn3, and welcome to my userpage. I have been an active Wikipedia user for nearly five years and have recently began working on Wikia. I have been an active wikia user for about three years now. Most of my work on Wikipedia was with a project to create articles on African wildlife and to help the Meerkat Manor article, which has now reached the featured status, become a higher-quality article. After a while on Wikipedia I became bored. So, I began to help out in other communities. I went to the Simple English Wikipedia, French Wikipedia, Commons, and Wikivercity. I stayed on these projects only for a few weeks, maybe a month, before I discovered wikia. I became very active and found it a bit easier to get involved in the community and to stay active. I love how it allows you to spread your talent through it's countless hubs. So, I found Wikia much more appealing. I have been editing on wikia's many hubs since then. In conclusion, I've been around for a while and if you need any help, just ask.

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I am the founder of the WikiKat Council and am very pleased of what it has become and is still growing into. With dedicated members and a goal, we are able to accomplish big things. As well as being the founder of this project, I write the newsletter. In the WikiKat Newsletter, I give the wiki's community updates on all of our current events and accomplishments, as well as goals for the next month. I find the newsletter to be a very helpful tool to those users that wish to contribute to our wiki. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter, feel free to subscribe here.

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Aretha Lazuli

Busta Whiskers

Beebop Elveera

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Significant Contributions

These are the pages that I significantly contribute to. These pages were not the quality they should be and, sometimes with help from others, I helped them come to a better quality and they are better articles than they were.

Youssarian Whiskers

Gene JaXX

Lazuli Mob

Rice Lazuli

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