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I live in Pennsylvania, I go to my local High school. I love running track and going to start running cross country next year.
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I'm Phillies, I live in Pennsylvania, I love running, reading about animals and playing with my friends. I'm the most active Administrator and Bureaucrat at Meerkats Wiki. For awhile I edited at Warriors Wiki, but when I became Adiministrator at Meerkat Wiki, I didn't have time to edit at warriors wiki. I'm currently taking German in my school. I also started to edit at Wikipedia. And if the thing I that I heard is true, then alot of people with be happy.

if you would like a meerkat family tree to be made please go to Meerkats Wiki:Requests for Family trees

Currently Working On:

  • Working on Meerkat Manor page
  • Creating more Family trees
  • Making Van Helsing a Featured mob

My Signatures

I have five so far

Phillies Love Meerkat Manor

Phillies Go Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies Go Philadelphia Union

Phillies Go Philadelphia Eagles

Phillies Go Cincinnati Bengals

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