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July 16, 2010
Five Favorite Meerkats:
Flower W, Monkulus W, Zaphod V, Enili W and Oriole W
Five Meerkats I don't Like:
Rocket Dog W, Vialli W, Hemulen MM, Jubulani Y, and Wollow W
Five Fav. Wild Animals:
Meerkat, Felines, Owls/Raptors, Snakes and some deer species
Greatest Accomplishment:
Shooting a non-typical eight point buck on my birthday!

Aztecs Group

Aztecs-favorite group, though they have been tied with the Whiskers since Enili took over as the dominate female


Whiskers-the other group tied for the first place positition but the most famous of my favorite groups.

Commandos-tough group under Zorilla's leadership

Kung Fu-lead by Kleintjie and Ningaloo, my favorite domiante pair currently

Gattaca-struggling group, lead by both Wahine and Risca

Vivian-empire group from which most of my favorites come from

Young Ones-Holly' s birth group, lead by Morgause for a long while

Zappa-Only became a favorite group when Punk took over domiance

Balrog-Unfortunate group with little breeding sucess, only to be lost to TB

Lazuli-one of the oldest groups, empire group

Drie Doring-Mabili, Makonkie and Mist's group

Elveera-long-lasting group for almost 20 years

The Web Diary: Meerkats

October 6, 7, 8, 9: 2010

Our annual trip has finally come. Arriving in Florida isn't great-the temporature is searing hot and there's nothing but sun. My companions are my brother John, my good friend Tuff and his cousin Sara and all of our parents. It was my idea for us to go to Busch Gardens this year, since I have been wanting to to go there for the past several years. Now that I'm here, I am going to make it a point to see the meerkats and cheetahs-if they have any.

On October 7, I dicovered that Busch Gardens does have a family of ten meerkats. That morning, I lead our group of tourists to find the mob. It was a sucess and I fell in love with a meerkat named Hannibal, who appeared to only have one eye.....On another note, I am not sure exactly who the dominant individuals are and what the group stats are.

Since the 8th was a day full of riding roller coasters (fine by me), I did not have a chance to check in on the Busch Gardens group. However, today (9th) is our last day and I'm making it a point to see the meerkats. I made it another point to bring my camera and I ended up taking about 103 pictures of the mob. I discovered that all the individuals (10) were from two litters that had the same parents. A big male I nicknamed "Gray" was discovered to be the dominant male while the apparently one-eyed female nicknamed Hannibal was the dominant female. I later discovered that they were all fixed....

Anyhow, I managed to take a head count-five males, five females. Below is the Busch Gardens mob allegiances:


Hannibal (DF) FBGF001

Gray (DM) FBGM002

Mitzy FBGF003

Bobby FBGM004

Mozart FBGF005

Kludd FBGM006

Flo FBGF007

Tiger FBGM008

Risca FBGF009

Match FBGM010

I was slightly upset when we left to go back to north Georgia that day. We had a long ride ahead of us but that was not the case. I had hoped to spend more time with the meerkats, collecting information on them. However, it had been the same in the cases of the Atlanta Zoo (AT) mob (2008) and the Disney (WD) mob (2009). In rememberance of the first actuall group I had collected KMP-like data on, I made it a point to find a meerkat souvineer penny (I had been looking for it all the trip) and it is still currently my most prized penny in the collection.

November 27, 2010: Meerkat Tales #1: Kimberly's Courage

The time has finally come that the first book in my Meerkat Tales book will be released. However, they won't actually be found in book stores. I wouldn't dare try and call up the KMP, asking if I can publish a book using thier pictures and information, dispite having made this book up off the top of my head, I didn't take the pictures. There will ONLY be ONE copy, found on my book shelf, specially reserved for Meerkat Tales books.

The details on the book are that it is written in a black lether book that I found in Dollar General along with two other colors, red and brown. The title, picture on the cover, book number and author's name are all drawn in purple glitter-ink. It was a mess to begin with and dispite encouraging words from my friends, english and art teacher, I still think it looks pretty sloppy and needs improvement.

However, my outlook on the storyline are still positive. The first and as of currently, the only person to read the book, says that it is good, with only a few grammical error. I really like my ideas for the series and personally think that if I were a member of the KMP, I could have a real future in book writing.

December 7, 2010: Meerkat Tales manga <officially decided>

I have been debating on wether or not to turn a manga I have been working on since October into a Meerkat Tales book. I have finally made up my mind: YES!

The book will be a manga (comic-biography) about another fictional meerkat named Russle, who has the same name as a charactor from the first Meerkat Tales novel. I can sternly state that they are two completely different meerkat matriarchs. The other main charactors are Russle's littermate sister, Lacky (who's a ding-bat), Reganisha (who's her older sister and biggest rival) and Rico, who is the group dominate male. The manga isn't that long but isn't the worst piece of liturature under the sun.

I really need to work on making my manga action storylines longer.....

December 9, 2010:

Congradulations to my only favorite meerkat besides Monkulus who is still alive: ZAPHOD!

My Lovely King Zaphod

Today is King Zaphod's twelfth birthday. He's seen a lot in his time and has truly earned the title. He is a truly noble meerkat and is one of the most loved meerkats around the world. I hope he continues to lead his group for a least another year...Monkulus and Zaphod make a good dominant couple.

Keep Going Zaphod, You're Almost There!

His next milestone will be on February 12; the day that the current-oldest meerkat, Mabili (another favorite) dissapeared. If he lives this long, he will take the role, and-or title as the oldest KMP meerkat.

January 26, 2011:

I hate January 26....

For those of you who may not know, January 26, 2007 is the day that my hero/favorite meerkat Flower was snake-bit by a cape cobra. I blame her dang large family, who wouldn't move so she could avoid the fatal bite. I also blame Rocket Dog (personally, I really dispise this meerkat. Her and Hemulen >( ) because she was among the mobbing of the snake. The really sad part was that she was pregnant when she was bit. Like she

My Lovely Queen Flower

didn't loose enough pups to begin with! Flower's death hit me hard, especially when her final episode on Meerkat Manor aired back in September, 2007.

Personally, I like the way Animal Planet made Flower's death seem to be. She died so bravely to the fans of Meerkat Manor when her actuall death sounds like she was a sacrifise!

However much I hate it, today was the four-year death anniversery of Flower's death. She would be one of the oldest meerkats in the reserve (10, going on 11) if she were still alive. She would be like another one of my favorites, Zaphod, and the late Grumpy, who was another one of my favorites. I will really miss her, but her death has become easier to take these days.


March 4, 2011:

I am sorry to find out that Zaphod, the King of the Kalahari, has died. I actually found out on March 7, but since he died on the 4th, I'll list it according to his death day. I will greatly miss Zaphod. However, his death did not hit me as hard as Flower's. Ohh well, they were both favorites and will be deeply missed by me, the KMP, and the Wiki partners.


March 15, 2011:

Today would have been Flower's 11th birthday. She would be a Kalahari Legend like Zaphod (like she already wasn't!!!!!) I will really miss her... that's probably why I'm going to write a Meerkat Tales book about her later on this year...

I will really miss Flower (what am I talking about? I have since she died and will until I die!!!!)

May 11, 2011:

My computer wouldn't allow me to log in to the Wiki but I had found some REALLY good info about a dominate female from Meerkat Magic known as Jubulani Ungulunga. I was in the process of creating her page and my computer died...It saved though but it isn't completely done yet....

May 14, 2011:

The page on Jubulani Ungulunga was completed. i even found a picture with animation to put on there. I really liked that picture and hope that nobody deleates it. The page is quite long but worth the effort. Personally, I think that the Meerkats wiki team should start including meerkats that are not limited to only the KMP. I mean, the KMP is awesome and stuff but there are other meerkat research teams out there so there shouldn't be a reason why we don't include them. If the MW workers could find out info on other meerkats, such as Zoo meerkats and other things under those catagories, I think the wiki would be more helpful for anyone who might be looking up a random meerkat. Besides, thats how I found this place last year!

May 18, 2011: Living Like Flower

I can't believe I did this but I did! This has absolutly nothing to do with meerkats or the wiki but I think it will be a good update to my page.

I was outside with my brother and I saw a lizard.(I often caught lizards and drew on their backs with a sharpie so I could track them for the next few months until it wore off.) I almost caught it but failed misurably. It got away only a few seconds before my hand crashed down in the spot it used to be sitting. It disapeared out of sight.

I then saw a pair of finches (chipping sparrows) and decided to chase them. I did and they, of course, flew away. As I returned to the area my brother was at, I heard something fall from a branch behind me. I went to find out what it was and I discovered a fledgling chipping sparrow. The bird was so small that it couldn't fill up the palm of my hand. It's beak was still yellow and it hadn't even got it's flight feathers in. I bent down and picked it up and carried it to the trampoline where my brother was.

Mom then pulled up and the bird flew out of my hand. It was accompanied by its parents, who led it under the car. Mom stopped right in time and the bird was not crushed under the truck's tires. It retreated fromt under the truck and headed towards our yard, where our dogs couldn't wait to attack, kill and probably eat it. (that's what our dogs are known for). I directed it away from the yard fence, saving it from a painful death. However, it was now headd toward the POND!!!!!

Our pond is three acres of deep, murky water that is infested with giant fish, killer snapping turtles and water moccisons. The bird flew out over it and landed about 7 feet off shore. It desproately tried to get out but the small creature was hopelessly trapped. It was bound to drown. I took off my boots, my ring, my leather wrist band and my hat and went in after the small creature. I retrieved the baby bird as it began to weaken with it's escape attempts. It went limp in my damp hand. I made my way back to the shore and me, mom and my brother began cpr on the small creature. We got all the water out of it's lungs and began to dry it off. It took a whole hour to nurse the small creature back to health but we eventually acceived our goal. The baby bird began to make contact/distress calls and the parents responded. The bird was left in a patch of sunlight where the mother was frequantly landing. We watched it chirp, then hop then start doing it's three-feet wing excersizes. It had pulled through and survived the heart-lurching ordeal.

As I though back on this particular situation, I thought about the late Flower Whiskers. Although in real life she did not die saving her pups, the fact that she was a brave meerkat who was willing to risk everything for the family she called her own was enough to turn her into a legend. The situation reminded me of the episode "Journey's End" that told of the death of Flower. Flower was definately a hero. I guess now I can be called one also. Everyone around me sure thinks it was something to be proud of......

May 23, 2011:

I have been tallying up 'votes' as to wether I should make a manga about the fourth legendary Avatar sister, Lazuli. I have been doing research on her around the wiki as well as looking into the KMP info as well as editing Lazuli Avatar's page a few weeks ago. The decision is finall, YES.

The Legend of the Avatar Sisters manga series origionally consisted of the three better-known sisters: Igraine, Morgause and (my favorite) Ziziphus. However, that presented a problem since there were actually four sisters and further research proved that there were actually four mobs.

Here are their 'profiles'

Igraine Avatar: VAF004: January 24, 1994-March 15, 2000

Dominate female of three different groups: Hobo, Frisky and Jabberwocky.

Resident in five different groups: Avatar (birth), Young Ones, Hobo, Frisky, Jabberwocky

Avatar: born into group. M-Venus F-unk. Subordinate female in (A) for a year. Group dies off and Igraine and Morgause form Young Ones.

Young Ones: subordinate female under Morgause. She, however, is the first to give birth to Jubulani, VYM002, VYF003 and VYF004. Remains subordinate for two years until evicted with Jubulani and VYF003.

Hobo: consisted of the three female meerkats. (?) Igraine=rc. Group isn't followed for long and is soon abandoned. All females dissapeare for a year.

Frisky: Three females return with wild males and females. Igraine is the dominate female of the new Frisky (F) mob. She is overthrown shortly after she is identified as the dominant individual and given a rc. Jubulani takes dominance from Igraine and evicts her and her sisters.

Jabberwocky: Igriane, daughters and wild males make the group. Igraine is the oldest and the dominant female. However, Jabberwocky are soon lost after all subordinates either leave or are killed. Igraine is the last member and is no longer followed. She was the second of the (A) females to die off.

Igraine the Immense is the first manga story in the Legend of the Avatar Sisters manga series.

Status: currently being worked on.

Morgause Avatar: VAF005: January 24, 1994-February 18, 2004

Dominant female of one group: Young Ones

Resident in two groups: Avatar (birth) and Young Ones

Avatar: Born into the group. M-Venus F-unk. In group for a year until (A) die off and she disperses

Young Ones: Morgause and Igraine team up with a set of (D) males. Morgause and Keros take dominance. Morgause remains as the dominate female from 1995-2004. She lives to be 10 and leads the (Y) for over 9 years. She was the last remianing member of the (A).

Morgause the Matriarch is the second manga story in the Legend of the Avatar Sisters manga series.

Status: planned

Ziziphus Avatar: VAF002: October 20, 1993-December 28, 2000

Dominate female of one group: Lazuli

Resident in two groups: Avatar (birth) and Lazuli

Avatar: born in group on Oct. 20. 93. FS-Jan. 13. 94. In (A) for 1.5 yrs. (A) die off and Zizipus and Lazuli form (L).

Lazuli: Younger sister Lazuli origionally takes dominance with Belgarion (dm). Lazuli is soon overthrown by Zizphus, who is dominant for five years. Lives to be seven and the last remaining member of (A) next to Morgause. Star on Meerkat Madness as well as being mentioned in the Meerkat Manor Book: Flower of the Kalahari.

Ziziphus' Ambition is the third and origionally the last book in the manga series Legend of the Avatar sister.

Status: planned

Lazuli Avatar: VAF003: May 15, 1994-January 27, 1997

Dominant female in one group: Lazuli

Resident in three groups: Avatar (birth), Lazuli and Elveera

Avatar: Born in group. M-Venus F-unk. Remains w/in group for a year before the (A) die off. She disperses with Ziziphus.

Lazuli: Lazuli takes dominance of the new group with wild male Belgarion. Group Lazuli (L) was named after her. However, she is overthrown by Ziziphus only a few months after attaining dominance. She is evicted from (L). Possible mother to Argon and Delpheus.

Elveera: she hangs around (E) and is eventually allowed to join them. She is subordinate under Tenuval (DF). She dies only months after joining the Elveera. She was the first of the Legendary Avatar Sisters to die off.

Lazuli the Betrayed is the fourth, finall and the most recient book in the Legend of the Avatar Sisters series.

Status: planned.

June 30, 2011:

A family of Blue birds have been living in a pole near the house for three months. THe three eggs still have nto hatched. It is quite sad that the parents keep returnign to them but they are not hatching. So, i grabbed an M-80 furecracker and my pellet rifel and raided the nest. I killed one of the parents, the dad, and could not get the firecracker to lite so i got the eggs and shot them with the gun and the blew to bits. I later killed the mother on the 3rd of July. My brother and BFF were with me wen it all happened. This was my first and last raid on a bird nest. Me and my cosin used to find them when she led the Rebels and she would take the eggs and kill them. I did not participate. I overthrew her about 3 years ago and have not killed but one set of eggs....Deeshe was a bad leader....

July 14, 2011:

The more active i become around the wiki, the more enemies i seem to make....My first dispisers were Anuji aura and Meerkats123. I dont think Anuji likes me because i have my own way of doing things, i love Flower and dispize Rcekt Dog adn the comment i left on the least favorite page probably dont help that either...O well, she can shove it! idk wat is with her but idc if she is the leader or not, i dnt c any sense in actn that way. She too sensitive i think. Meerkats123 dont like me either because i upload btr picts of meerkats adn some of them dont have frikn KMP tagers on them! WTC! The whole point is to updta the wiki and keep it fresh. I also herd meerkats123 and Anuji tlkn on Anujis user page about blocking me for a while becasue i hav supposibly been uploading thm God Dang pictures!!!! MeerkatGal, who aint even American, dont like me to much either because of what i said about Rocket Dog either. O well, shove it 2! Sir Rock dont like me either ebacuse of Rocket Dog. I really dont see what is so special about her because gee wiz, she wast nun but the new whiskers leader!

Urg, my blood pressure is risn by the minit and if i dont get odun with this quik i b don kicked soem A** up in here lol.....I need to talk to MitchLuver2......

July 30, 2011:

I found out that we are going back to Disney Land, Florida this year. I have a new camera that had wonderful zoom and takes great pictures. The meerkats are still there as far as i know so I am glad I will be returning to them this year.

August 11, 2011: BREAK UPS!!!!

I hate that. When two individuals like me, and now I guess whom is my latest X, have so much in common and have had such a wonderful relationship and we simply just break up.

It all started in April of this year,,,,,,I think the 22, 23 or 24,,,,,don't quite know....when me and Danielle-my best frend, was walking around the buss loope. Danielle was stopped by this feller named Triston and he was looking for a new girl frend and he wanted her to ask me out for him. She came running up from where I was waiting for her, wondering what all that was about, and I asked her what was going on. She told me and then I sed so how does this concern me. She finally asked me the question and I sed Yes, a fact tht made her stop on a dime. She sed a bunch of stuff, as if she wasn't happy but ran back and told him what I sed. He later came walking up to us as our two grades prepared to leave and return to class and was walking backwards. It was an awkwerd feeling in the air. I gave him my cell number but he did not call that nigt because his father was home. However, the next day at skool we spent alot of time together but i dnt think our relationship was going to last. He called me that night and we talked for a long time. I was stuck in Greensboro, in the car with my parents, riding around and waiting for Fast Five to start. I was eventually told to get off the fone by my dad, who wasn't all that happy to find out that I had a boyfriend.

Many days went on like this. We would meet up in the morinings, talk, roam the halls, find a good classroom to hide out in occasionally, see each other inbetween classes and he would carry my books. We would talk across the lunch tables at our lunch hour and try to mingle in wiht the rong lines when it was time to go. That often went horribly rong.....We woudl sit or walk togethr at break and most likely be either holding hands or he would have his arm around me.

Eventually it was feild day, the second to the last day of skool. We saw each other addictlivly and it was a wonderful day with a lot of details. The most significant thing was that we were laying on his blanket, together, and he wanted me to kiss him.... I was unsure at first, seeing as their are teachers everywhere at my skool. I eventally tried to climb up a tree above us and sat there. He joined me. There are more details in this too but the most important thing is that we kissed, he nearabout fell outa the tree and I got pushed out on an axedent by his frend Trit, who was up there to. The last day of skool, mama caught us together on the bench with his arm around me. She sed she wouldn't tell dad though!

We continued to call and I eventually wrote him once. We broke up towards the end of June and stayed apart for about a week. He said that I deserved better than him but he wouldn't tell me why. I eventually found out that he had talked to another girl and I was pissed but I had missed him and been on the near virge of a depression that whole 9 days....we got bak together for about two weeks before his X, an unnaturally dark red haired girl named Cheyanne, called me in Barnes and Noble and sed that he wanted to break up with me. He wouldn't anser his fone and I was on the warpath. This time though it was something completely stupid in my opinoion. He had a new resolution that was to start the new skool year off with no girlfrends and to not get in trouble. I sed that is so not you and your on crack. He laughted and asked if I would forgive him and surprizingly,,,yet unsurprizingly,,,i did and we got back together and have been so since.

In these last few weeks, my calls have gone from every night to once a week, usually on Wednesday. Skool started back and I was happy to see him, I got a hug and was shocked to see that he still had the picture i gave him of me when I won 3rd runner up in the GC Pagent this year. We sat together and then had to depart. The next day, Tuesday, I saw him that mornin but he was to busy with something else. I started to have those dreaded doubts again and estimated when the day woudl come that we broke up again. Tuesday I wrote him a note after a combonation of Mr. Lovering and Mrs. Louge chased me off. Wednesday, I followed him outa the luchroom, into GYM, out again and to his locker until the new principle, Mr. Lovering, came down the hall. I gave him the note. Once he got past i retreated back to High Skool, where I am stuk being a Freshmen and leaving him to endure 8th grade and Mrs. Skool and Middle Skool congrigated in the GYM and I was chill with that. Triston sat beside me and we talked. He wasn't in the best of moods. I asked him if he read the note and he sed he did. I asked if he liked it and he sed yea. I gave him a pic and he sed that it was in his locker. However, this afternoon, when I asked my frend Mycala, who I am supposed to pay in December for beign my undercover spy for me, she whispered with Cheyanne and they told me that Triston wanted to break up with me.

here was his supposible reason:

I talk about us and it freaks him out......

/ wow......that is what couples are supposed to DO!!!!!!

It really pissed me off! And to think that I drew all over my hands and arm, practically giving myself tattoos that had our birthdates, significant dates, and what I think is the day we started going out! Love,,if I dare to call it that,, is crazy, stupid and can make you a fool but it's something everyone should try at multiple times. That is why I don't never get to rapped up in a relationship.

I would like to talk to him but he didn't anser the fone this afternoon and I couldnt talk to him on the fone at Tuff's house........I'll get a word or two in tomarrow and I might just bring my frying pan to skool 2 and 'gently' persuade him to think of a better reason.

Why do I always have these kind of problems? Oh well....I got 4 years tll i finally outa skool for good.


I see myself as a dominate individual. I lead two groups, Hunters and Rebels, who really do fight real life battles with bother airsoft guns, bb guns, and our fists. Russle is the leader of Hunters while I am Maybelline in Rebels. I spend most of my time either photographing nature and it's animals, hunting or fighting my brother and cousin. I started hunting when i was nine years old but only shot my first deer, a doe, the day after my birthday in 2007. Around this time, i took a liking to hunting and began to shoot the birds around my house. I have currently killed 147 of them. When we began to have fewer birds, i turned on the squirrels. I shot my first one in 2010 with a daisy bb gun and killed it. (Shocker) That same year, i skipped skool to go deer hunting and killed a non-typical 8 point buck on my birthday. I got him mounted on the wall. I then began to hunt heavily around the house and although i only shot 2 deer and 3 squirrels this past year, i have already killed 15 of the tree rats this year. The amount of squirrels here have dropped so i turned on chipmunks and find them a lot easier to kill than squirrels. I keep thier hides. Me and my friend hunt a lot and i have mentored three individuals already. My first aprentive was Mitchlover2. She is my co-leader in both Hunters and Rebels. My next apprentice was my now 6 year old cousin who busted my head with a piece of cement last December. (I kept it a secret from parents and only told Bro, BF and BFF.) I recovered easily and it left a scar on the back of my head. I wouldnt have put it past her, her cousin, former Rebels df before i overthrew her, broke my nose with a solid iron bat when i was in second grade.

Current Stat: RussleH/KeeperS/Maybelline/Nyra/Knife/Keeper

Dominate female of Hunters and Rebels

Scars: One large one that goes from top of left eye, across nose and onto right cheek, another dark one across nose, one between eyes, several on arms, one right above lip that i recieved in a airsoft gun war, one in back of head (burried under hair). I am dotted with scars....almost all of them from battles and fights.....

Kits; (X) Shy, (X) Nosey, Samantha, Shadow, Tiger, David

Pups: only one, Runt (?)-given away.

I am the administratior of Your Pets Animals Wiki.