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Finally got past 100 Edits on Septmeber 21, 2010.

About me

I am Sir Rock. That is my Knight name give to me by Aniju. She and I go to school together and have art class. I like animals, my favorite are Hyenas. I also like meerkats. I don't think Hyenas really eat meerkats and they are not stupid eating machince like they are protrayed on Lion King. Aniju asked me to work at Warriors so I signed up and now I am working here too. I watch Meerkat Manor too and I wasn't too sad when Flower died. I didn't really like her. I was happy when Rocket Dog became dominant female and I wish she was still instead of Ella. I don't like Ella and I didn't like Sophie(Fourth Season), though I like Tina Sparkle who was a better Sohpie. They should have used Ella's real name or made a new character instead of giving her Sophie. I like Zorro aka Zarathustra and I wish he didn't died. I don't like Miles or Baker. I don't like anyone from that litter. I hate Billy and wish Flo would come back in a new group and kill Billy. I wish they said it was Logan who save Axel, since it really was him and not Mitch. Mitch was over rated. I like Shakespeare and Mozart or cource and Baddiel and I wish peopel would use her real name. Tosca isn't a good name for her.

Favorite Dominant Meerkats

McDreamy is the dominant female of the Ewoks. Yeah I'm soo happy for her. Rigth now she is my favorite dominant female.

Rufus is my favorite dominant male and he is the new leader of the Lazuli.

Some Advice

Make sure not to use comment words over and over again. Find new more exciting words to replace ones you use a lot. Like good, maybe use pleasant, excellent, great or doing very well.

Don't go off of the events that took place on Meerkat Manor. Not all of them were true and the meerkats weren't the real ones. It was Logan who saved Axel and Rocket Dog aborted her secind litter, Rita(Amira) didn't kill them. And it was Cruise who evicted Armanita Ditch not Moazrt evicting Daisy.

Spice up the page by putting some pictures and interesting facts. Also it helps to talk a little bit about other meerkats if the page is too short. The meerkat is a pup or hasn't done much makes pages short so talk a little bit about a sibling or a parent or an aunt or uncle. When the meerkat has lived a little long and has done something big then you can take the other info off or shorten it. Just don't make the whoel article about another meerkat.

My favorite pages

Zulus Mob

Rufus Whiskers

Alonzo Mourning Whiskers

My Favorite Meerats

Whiskers Meerkats

Females: Vialli, Itchy, Scratchy, Aramis, Zola, Ugly Pup, Louise, Mozart, Baddiel, Rocket Dog, Kinkaju, Super Furry Animal, Tina Sparkle, Petra, Flo, Finn, Hawkeye, Bananas, Sundance, Beaker and Oriole

Males: Zarathustra, Shakespeare, Logan, Big Will, Pookie, Jogu, Machu Pichu, Busta, Karim, Nugget, Juno and Ernesto

Commandos Meerkats

Females:Celidh, Beatrice, Samba, Yara and Sera

Males: Ketamine, Drew, Flash, Moritz, Coop, Benno, Cody

Lazuli Meerkats

Femaled: Cazanna, Pancake, Aretha and Bubbles

Males: JD, Shoy and Bobby

Zappa Meerkats

Females: Lola, My all time Fav dominant female, Aurora, Milla and Katesa

Males: Dougal, Endor (Cool name) and Naboo

Gattaca Meerkats

Females: Zorilla, Fenodree, Gringo and Amelie

Males: Hugo, Atlas, Balboa and Pancho

Vivian meerkats

Females: Vivian, Rhian, Rapunzel, Odsseus, Calypso, Aphrodite and Icarus

Males: Zaphod, Basil, Izit, Alexander, Phooey, Tonker, Spitfire, Richard, Hannibal and Beowolf

My Meerkat Articles

Momintroll Moomins 

Bobby Lazuli

HP Lazuli

Rangi Whiskers

Orgali Whiskers

Mr. Burns Whiskers

Ed Harcourt Toyota

Ara Rascals

Cascade Vivian

Sparkle Vivian

Rosemary Vivian

Kamala Vivian

Kamaswami Vivian

Yoda Vivian

Hong Vivian

Captain Joans Vivian

Chino Balrog

Penny Lazuli

Pelomedusa Lazuli

Mrs. Doyle Gattaca

Father Ted Gattaca

Jackie Chan Gattaca

Miss Le Roux Commandos

Katharina Commandos

Tabatha Commandos

Fizgig Commandos

Sereina Commandos

My Mobs

Ewoks Mob

Addo Mob

Meerkat Manor Articles

Bubble Lazuli

Secrets of Meerkat Manor

Simon Whiskers

Seacrest Whiskers

Other Articles

Zoo Meerkats