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Katy2000 Katy2000 1 June 2013

My Opinions!

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I have worked in this wiki mid June last year and throughout my time there has been some good and bad news. There is always users happy that a meerkat have died and sad when a meerkat dies. I, as a human understand that we have our own opinions and nobody is perfect.

But we must always remember that meerkats are not like us. All they care is mating, dominance etc. Meerkat fighting for dominance is completly normal, there is nothing wrong with that. It is all part of society. Users can describe there dislike for a meerkat or another I honestly don't really mind but people who are putting out their hatred of another meerkat when its dies is just disgusting and disrespectful. You have to understand…

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Katy2000 Katy2000 18 January 2013

New Pairings!

New Pairings

Recently I have made a blog called Meerkat Couples 2013. But since the December LH came out I'm unsure now. I am a very picky when it comes to meerkat couples. I don't like pairs that the females are older than the male like 1 year and a half and that. But I do like Rufus and Young though. So these are my new pairings. I acutally like Turkey and Yabou. Turkey is a good girl. Let's see how long she will lead the Mayans or Zelda or someone will overthrow her. I'm kinda sad that Rococo died, even more sad I wanted Naggapatzi litter to live but unfornuately they got lost. Her litter was the only hope I had for Rococo, for him to pass on his genes. I'm glad that Dikkop FINALLY gave birth to a successful litter. I kinda suprised that…

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Katy2000 Katy2000 14 January 2013

Meerkat Couples 2013

xMeerkat Couples 2013x

Since my last blog was deleted and spammed. I decided to make a new one. Plus I'm kinda bored since there's not much recent changes. So I thought to myself why not make a blog. So these are my favourite couples of 2013. Enjoy and comment!

Tina and Gump

Littl'um and Rozza

Muscat and Falco

Naggapatzi and Rococo

Tolberone and Pepper

Snowflake and Cecil

Kathleen and Candy Flip

Scroonge and Leaf

Teapot and Ursli

Up-Carrot and Rafola

Young and Rufus

Enili and Muchallchops

Spector and Marxx

Hab and Rosie

Treva and Nozza

Dikkop and Snowy

Mogwai and Buck

McDreamy and Tigi

Benzendrine and Bruce

Ochno Niple and Shaku Zulu

Klienjie and Ningaloo

I know some of these couples are already couples. I'm so sad Rococo is gonna die soon leaving Naggapatzi wit…

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Katy2000 Katy2000 5 December 2012

R.I.P Meerkats

Deaths or Lasr Seens in Meekkatz October 2012

I pay a tribute to all of the meerkats that was Last Seen or were predated in October. This month we lost some of the greatest leaders. 

Nik Nak was one of them. Although she reigned barely a year she was a great leader. She lead a small group of meerkats in the Winter which was quite challenging. My heart was beating so fast when I read that she got predated! R.I.P Nik Nak!

Another one was Grus. in his lifetime he had three mates, Blondie, Islay and Sancrerre. He was a geat leader along with Sancrerre. R.I.P Grus!

Thundercat was the third one. He was a brilliant leader at the dominant male of the Whiskers. He was a loyal partner to Ella and kept the group strong through the harsh season. Although …

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