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xMeerkat Couples 2013x

Since my last blog was deleted and spammed. I decided to make a new one. Plus I'm kinda bored since there's not much recent changes. So I thought to myself why not make a blog. So these are my favourite couples of 2013. Enjoy and comment!

Tina and Gump

Littl'um and Rozza

Muscat and Falco

Naggapatzi and Rococo

Tolberone and Pepper

Snowflake and Cecil

Kathleen and Candy Flip

Scroonge and Leaf

Teapot and Ursli

Up-Carrot and Rafola

Young and Rufus

Enili and Muchallchops

Spector and Marxx

Hab and Rosie

Treva and Nozza

Dikkop and Snowy

Mogwai and Buck

McDreamy and Tigi

Benzendrine and Bruce

Ochno Niple and Shaku Zulu

Klienjie and Ningaloo

I know some of these couples are already couples. I'm so sad Rococo is gonna die soon leaving Naggapatzi with no mate. I hope she doesn't abort her litter though. McDreamy and Tigi are just meant for each other. Enili and Oliey Doiley use to be my favourite but since he is absent he is probably Last Seen. I hope Benzendrine and Bruce are the dominant pair again. I used to like Rozza and Ricou but since they are in the same group I highly doubt that they are going to mate but if they are than I'm happy. I hope Candy Flip takes dominant with Kathleen again. I like Muscat and Falco as the dominant pair. Wheather you guys agree with me or not it is my opinion after all. Please share your opinion in the comment section. And I hope no one spams this page again.