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Deaths or Lasr Seens in Meekkatz October 2012

I pay a tribute to all of the meerkats that was Last Seen or were predated in October. This month we lost some of the greatest leaders. 

Nik Nak was one of them. Although she reigned barely a year she was a great leader. She lead a small group of meerkats in the Winter which was quite challenging. My heart was beating so fast when I read that she got predated! R.I.P Nik Nak!

Another one was Grus. in his lifetime he had three mates, Blondie, Islay and Sancrerre. He was a geat leader along with Sancrerre. R.I.P Grus!

Thundercat was the third one. He was a brilliant leader at the dominant male of the Whiskers. He was a loyal partner to Ella and kept the group strong through the harsh season. Although some time he evicted his sons he was a good father. Thundercat was good enough to lead the Whiskers for another year with his daughter, Enili. R.I.P Thundercat!

I pay tribute to all the roving males and evictees. They helped their mob alot through their short lives. I  hope that the JaXX ladies could join another group or make another group.