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MeerkatGal MeerkatGal 6 February 2014

Article from a KMP Volunteer

Hey guys, be sure to check out this great article from a KMP volunteer. It includes much of the work the researchers do and mentions many different 'kats, such as Treva the Renewer, Cecli, Mr. Mumbles, Frankie, Snotbubble, Kori, Spatula ect. You can read the article here: I Lived at Meerkat Manor . MeerkatGal (talk) 22:54, February 6, 2014 (UTC)

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MeerkatGal MeerkatGal 31 December 2013

Please don't confuse "Absent" with "Last Seen"

Apologies to the person whose work I keep undoing, but please understand: if a meerkat is listed as asbent on the Life History it does not mean they are Last Seen. Last Seen meerkats are listed in the same column as the deceased, immigrated, emmigrated and predated meerkats with a '+' next to their name. Also, there's quite a few spelling mistakes and incohesive sentences appearing on the pages. Please check your spelling before you publish, thanks! :) MeerkatGal (talk) 09:22, December 31, 2013 (UTC)

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MeerkatGal MeerkatGal 5 October 2013

New Meerkat Documentary!

The latest news from the KMP website:

"It's finally here, the latest documentary about the KMP meerkats! But not only them...

Meerkat pups Squirt and Weeny belong to one of the most famous animal families on the planet, animals that are now stars of screens both big and small. These furry celebrities are also part of the longest running animal behaviour study ever, now in its 20th anniversary year. David Attenborough tells the full story of the study - from its pioneering days when it was a challenge to even get close to a meerkat, to the very latest revelations about these animals and their complex lives. For Squirt and Weeny, the study means very little, as they are facing up to the challenge of a drought and one of the toughest years in t…

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MeerkatGal MeerkatGal 26 September 2013

Sad News - Many Dominants Lost....

This was just released on the KMP Facebook page :

"The August LH is finally out - with a sad feel to it. Kleintjie and Rufus are gone, we know - but they were not the only ones… For once, I would like to give a preview to September, because it's been a really bad and sad month for the KMP dominants. The list of lost dominants in the past two months is long, unfortunately. Here they are in the order they disappeared:

  • Kleintjie - she probably died of old age
  • Titan - he and Cai just disappeared, but are considered lost by now
  • Rufus - he was most probably taken by a martial eagle
  • Bruce - he was predated (but had severe TB)
  • Ru - she was euthanised due to TB
  • Enili - she was hit by a car
  • Cruise - she was predated soon after giving birth
  • Sancerre - she's m…
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MeerkatGal MeerkatGal 22 September 2013

Reinforcing the Rules

There seems to have been a bit of confusion in recent weeks over what is acceptable on this Wiki and what is not. For all the new users, or for old users who have simply forgotten, here are a few rules to remember:

  1. Do not upload photos belonging to private individuals! We're only allowed to have photos shared by the Kalahari Meerkat Project official websites and screenshots from movies/documentaries. We're only allowed to upload photos from private individuals if we have their permission.
  2. Do not include information about the meerkats (for example: their names, deaths, group rank ect.) unless it is included in the Kalahari Meerkat Project Life History . The only exception to this can be the dates of birth/death and the cause of death, but this info…
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