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This was just released on the KMP Facebook page :

"The August LH is finally out - with a sad feel to it. Kleintjie and Rufus are gone, we know - but they were not the only ones… For once, I would like to give a preview to September, because it's been a really bad and sad month for the KMP dominants. The list of lost dominants in the past two months is long, unfortunately. Here they are in the order they disappeared:

  • Kleintjie - she probably died of old age
  • Titan - he and Cai just disappeared, but are considered lost by now
  • Rufus - he was most probably taken by a martial eagle
  • Bruce - he was predated (but had severe TB)
  • Ru - she was euthanised due to TB
  • Enili - she was hit by a car
  • Cruise - she was predated soon after giving birth
  • Sancerre - she's missing; she was in the last days of her pregnancy

With the deaths of so many old, or well-established, meerkats, "the old guard" are now reduced to Monkulus, Diana and Al Capone. At least the three of them seem fine. Let's hope that October, and the rainy season, brings better news."

What a horrible two months, so many great leaders lost.. But not all of them were listed in the August LH, we can't update some of these pages until September's report is out. MeerkatGal (talk) 23:11, September 26, 2013 (UTC)