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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 5 February 2019

End of the FKMP Program

Some of you may know me as a periodically active user here, but I was especially active from 2010-2016. I always had a love for meerkats and animals in general. However, as many of you know, life is constantly changing and I’ve had to put much of my time and energy elsewhere. Still my heart breaks a little to share the latest news from FKMP’s Facebook, even if I’ve only been able to keep up occasionally.

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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 8 March 2014

Hope for the Whiskers!

Some of you may already know, but the FKMP just posted some wonderful news via their Facebook page!

"Breaking news from the Friends who are currently visiting the KMP:
Whiskers have FIVE pups!!!!!
Cross your fingers for the little ones to pull through!!!"

A February teaser for all groups

AT*: Habituation goes on, slow progress.
BB: No news; Al is roving.
CB: Ricou is pregnant.
D*: 4 new pups – in ginger! Saoirse, evicted, briefly teamed up with Pet and Brea. Patch is pregnant.
EK: 3 feisty pups – one of them a stumpy tail, one with half a tail, the third with an exceptionally long tail. Guarding without a tail seems difficult, but the pups seem to manage… Bar-ba-Loot and Truffula emigrated to form the Quintessentials.
FA: 3 pups growing, and 3 femal…

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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 27 September 2013


This is a memorial for all of the dominants who died within the last two months

  • Titan - he and Cai just disappeared, but are considered lost by now
  • Rufus - he was most probably taken by a martial eagle
  • Bruce - he was predated (but had severe TB)
  • Ru - she was euthanised due to TB
  • Enili - she was hit by a car
  • Cruise - she was predated soon after giving birth
  • Sancerre - she's missing; she was in the last days of her pregnancy
  • Leave comments and good memories of these great kats below
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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 21 November 2012

Mysterious Imp

I have uncovered some surprising facts about Imp (VEF036).The first Paternity Riddle expained the whole thing

There is an unexpected link between a wild group and an old monitored group.

This entirely wild group was partly habituated a few years ago, but they dissolved after some of the females dispersed, and TB hit the rest; the remainder was no longer followed – but luckily only after a skin sample was taken of one of the females.


Based on the genetic analysis, this wild female's mother - meerkat X - and thus one of the ancestors of this wild group now turns out to be a known female who was an important player in meerkat research. X was the daughter of a then subordinate, but very tough female. X not only being the ancestor but most prob…

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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 21 October 2012

Young's Father

Well, the mystery is finally solved. I did my research. Paternity Riddle No. 2 tells the tale

The riddle reads:

Grumpy has at least 8 great-great-grandchildren, 5 of which are on the 2011 name list." Who's the grandchild linking Grumpy to them - and who may have been the parent?

When Evi gave the answer she said:

"Stinky VMMM012 was indeed Young's father!

Born on 20th January 2004 he was part of Grumpy's first litter which also included his brothers The Groke (VMMM011), Too-Ticky (VMMM013) and sister Hemulen (VMMF010). He started roving in the middle of what must be meerkat puberty, at the tender age of nine months. He and his brother The Groke were the sidekicks to older cousin Sniff (VMMM009), after an IGI with a wild group in early November…

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