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Some of you may already know, but the FKMP just posted some wonderful news via their Facebook page!

"Breaking news from the Friends who are currently visiting the KMP:
Whiskers have FIVE pups!!!!!
Cross your fingers for the little ones to pull through!!!"

A February teaser for all groups

AT*: Habituation goes on, slow progress.
BB: No news; Al is roving.
CB: Ricou is pregnant.
D*: 4 new pups – in ginger! Saoirse, evicted, briefly teamed up with Pet and Brea. Patch is pregnant.
EK: 3 feisty pups – one of them a stumpy tail, one with half a tail, the third with an exceptionally long tail. Guarding without a tail seems difficult, but the pups seem to manage… Bar-ba-Loot and Truffula emigrated to form the Quintessentials.
FA: 3 pups growing, and 3 females pregnant (2 subs evicted)
GB*: Luka seems dominant.


It seems that all but one of the 7 pups went missing.
JX*: Diana lost her litter. Four females emigrated to Jaxx2, but 3 returned – Cheesy Puff after giving birth. Ex-dominant Scarface is still around, but was not allowed to join.
JX2: The JX splinter with 4 JX females, all but Paddlepop returned – but she may be babysitting Cheesy Puff’s litter.
KU: Unfortunately, 6 out of the 8 pups went missing.
L*: Still no dominant male. Christiana is pregnant.
MY: Cinnamon is pregnant; the males are competing for dominance. Catalonia has a stable TB lump.
NM: The wild male must have left, so the group is fully habituated again. Bernie gave birth, and Fran-the-Woman is pregnant. Chances are that both litters make it.
PA*: Molly gave birth to 4 pups. Wild male Boo had to be euthanised (TB).
Quintessentials QL*: New habituation group formed by EK females Truffula and Bar-ba-loot, with two wild males. Barbaloot gave birth, Truffula is still pregnant. Chances are that both litters make it.
RR*: Mouth’s litter emerged: one huge male pup (Patty Cake…). Edna May is pregnant.
SK*: Snotbubble’s group is still very wild. One pregnant female.
TY*: One pup missing, 3 remaining. The males are extremely wild, observation is thus difficult. Naggapatzi is pregnant.
UK: 5 pups foraging, and Tina gave birth again. The Überkatz currently inhabit what was known as the Whiskers plains.
VH*: One wild male missing, two other wild males’ habituation levels have greatly improved. VVHM074 is dominant. Bes1 and Egg are pregnant. 5 pups are thriving, but they’re biting.
W: The 5 pups only emerged in March, so they’re still being babysat; both Pe’ahi and Swift lactate to Swift’s pups. Pet and Brea roved a lot, mating with Drie evictees. Whiskers currently inhabit the former Frisky territory, bordering Drie and Chalibonkas - the latter being their opponents in an IGI that Whiskers won - the first won IGI in a very long time!
ZU*: Ocho Niple’s five tiny pups are doing well, she and Laurentina are pregnant. Zulus are a very playful group.

  • Habituation groups, containing wild members.

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