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I have uncovered some surprising facts about Imp (VEF036).The first Paternity Riddle expained the whole thing

There is an unexpected link between a wild group and an old monitored group.

This entirely wild group was partly habituated a few years ago, but they dissolved after some of the females dispersed, and TB hit the rest; the remainder was no longer followed – but luckily only after a skin sample was taken of one of the females.


Based on the genetic analysis, this wild female's mother - meerkat X - and thus one of the ancestors of this wild group now turns out to be a known female who was an important player in meerkat research. X was the daughter of a then subordinate, but very tough female. X not only being the ancestor but most probably the dominant female of the wild group now raises the number of the 5 siblings in X's litter who became dominants to 3.

This actually ties up a loose end in the LH database which may puzzle those Friends who have the relevant group chronology – which now needs a small correction. The LH has X's accurate birth and death data, but it was not clear about her emigration... However, there is another source some of the long-time Friends will probably remember, which revealed that X indeed emigrated with her sisters. Who is the wild group - and who is X?"

The anwer was.....


Imp being the ancestor of the Nutters came as a big surprise - but it doesn't end there.


Imp VEF036 was the mother not only of VNTF001 (the dominant female of Nutters), but also of VJKM001 Dizzee Rascal (the founder and dominant male of the Jackals group) and of VFM118 The Dude (who immigrated into Frisky in 2005 and became dominant for a short period). Given that three of her offspring made it to adulthood, and then dominance, and that it was her daughter who later led the Nutters, it leads one to assume that Imp herself was also dominant of this wild group that would later be named the Nutters, or that the Nutters were a spinoff of Imp's group."