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VYM018 was born in the Young Ones on August 15, 1997. He had just one litter-mate brother named Durnik(VYM018). Their mother was Morgause and their father was Keros. His parents were the dominant couple at the time. He and his brother, both survived to adulthood and started to rove together. Morgause had many litters after him, and VYM018 help babysit them and care for them. Then he went roving along with his litter-mate brother Durnik and his older brother, Morris. The three Young Ones males soon met up and joined four evicted Vivian females.


They stayed together and formed the Nemesis Mob. Those females were Rosemary, Cascade, Sparkle and Imogen. Morris might have took over dominance being the oldest male, along with Sparkle or Cascade who probably won the fight for dominance, being the oldest females and litter-mates. Short after the group was formed some wild males joined the group and kicked out the Young Ones males. Morris, Durnik and VYM018 went roving again.


Morris joined VYM018 and joined the X-iles when the Vivian males were roving. It is unknow if Durnik had joined the group too. VYM019 most likely joined the group too but he often was seen roving at other groups. Morris being the oldets probably took over as the dominant male so this would have freed the other males to rove. A group of wild males soon joined the group, one was heavily infected with tuberculosis. Many meerkats soo contracted the disease and the X-iles soon fell apart. A few splinter groups formed and occasionally one of the founding meerkats was seen. Morris disappeared on October 17, 1999 while Durnik disappeared in August 17, 1999. He probably wander off the study site while roving or was predated. VYM009 diesapeared on December 22, 1999 along with one of the Vivian males. VYM018 was seen the longest and he finally disappeared on September 24, 2000. He probably remained within one of the X-iles splinter groups till he left the group or was predated also.


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