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Venda(VYM098) was born on November 29, 2002 in the Young Ones. His mother was Morgause and his father was Sprite. His litter-mates were hid one sister Mia Moya(VYF100) and three brothers Ndebele(VYM099), Khoi Khoi(VYM096) and Zulu(VYM097). They survived to adulthood. Morgause had been the long-term dominant female of the Young Ones since it was formed. However Sprite had just joined the Young Ones a few months before. Venda was born in Sprite's third litter he fathered in the Young Ones ever. Venda went roving along with his three brothers Khoi Khoi, Ndebele, Zulu and his two older brother Aragorn and Eddie and younger brother Grog in November 2004.


The seven males joined six Gattaca females and formed the Commandos. Aragorn took the role of dominant male of the group with out any trouble from the other males. Within the next month, Venda's brothers Eddie, Khoi Khoi, Ndebele and Zulu went roving and left the group in December. The were all disapeared in December 2004. Venda remained in the group along with Grog and Aragorn. Venda finally left the group tp rove in late 2006 and disappeared. Venda was Last Seen on 21, 2006.


Mother: Morgause

Father: Sprite

Sister: Mia Moya

Brothers: Khoi Khoi, Ndebele and Zulu


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