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Venus(VAF001) was the First Seen on Janaury 24, 1994, as dominant female of the Avatar. The Avatar was a fairly good sized group with VAM002 as the dominant male. The Avatar started to be habituated and became semi-used to the reasearchers getting close to the mob. Soon Venus started to show signs of being pregnant, and on May 15, 1994, she gave birth to a litter; one of the pups was a female named Lazuli. Some of the females that were eivcted disappeared. Soon the oldest of the males started to take to roving and a few never returned. The mob existed for about a year and a half and the Avatar started to dwindle due to evictions, roving, and deaths. Sadly Venus died on August 23, 1995, and soon  all the males including VAM002 left the group, leaving just four females left. Lazuli was one of the survivors, along with her sisters Morgause, Ziziphus, and Igraine. After the loss of Venus and the disappearance of the males, the Avatar mob was considered lost. However, Lazuli and Zizphus formed the famous Lazuli and Morguase and Igraine formed the mighty Young Ones. Both mobs became successful and thanks to her daughters, Venus' blood-line lives on in many of the current mobs today.

Venus' daughters

Ziziphus(VAF002) founded the Lazuli and was long-term dominant female until her death.

Lazuli(VAF003) also founded the Lazuli Mob, and was the first dominant female before she lost dominance to Ziziphus.

Igraine(VAF004) also founded the Young Ones with Morgause, though Morgause took dominant female. She also founded the Frisky and Jabberwocky, in which she became the dominant female of before her disappearance.

Morgause(VAF005) founded the Young Ones and was long-term dominant female until her death.


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